BOSTON (CBS) – Chances are that your yard is filled with branches covered in snow and ice. How do you prepare your trees for this week’s storm?

Last week’s storm didn’t equal the brutal ice storm of 2008, but there’s more than enough damage to go around. The heavy, wet snow coated trees and shrubs, then froze, bending and breaking tree limbs across the region.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports.

“You don’t want to go out there and start whacking the ice off the tree, because you could actually do more harm. The tree’s already stressed to the breaking point,” said Dewey Frasier, a certified arborist.

Frasier knows people are tempted to just start whacking away at the ice on a tree. He advises against that.

“Take a broom or something, and gently knock off the loose stuff. But, if it doesn’t come off easily, don’t keep whacking. Just wait until it melts,” said Frasier.

Frasier said homeowners should not try to force trees to stand upright.

“If you go walking in the woods after a storm like this, you’ll see all of the trees are bent over, touching the ground. Back in the summer, they’re back straight up again,” said Frasier.

If you have some tree damage, right now is a good time to prune. Don’t wait until spring when the tree has had time to grow.


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