BOSTON (AP) – President Obama will recognize 28 men who died when a cold war radar station off Massachusetts collapsed into the sea 50 years ago.
U.S. Sen. John Kerry’s office said the White House told them Friday that Obama would give Kerry a letter recognizing the sacrifice of the victims to deliver to their surviving relatives.
“Texas Tower No. 4” was built 85 miles offshore to give early warning of a Soviet air attack. Its Jan. 15, 1961, collapse killed 28 men repairing the hurricane-weakened tower.
In 2000, a former tower worker contacted Kerry after reading a history that described it as “abandoned” before collapse.
Kerry’s office said Obama was the first of four presidents to respond to letters seeking recognition for the victims. They said they were looking forward to receiving Obama’s letter so they can honor the victims.

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  1. Carl Hoss says:

    Tower 4 was not off Massachusetts but off New Jersey. As a helicopter pilot on board the USS Wasp that night and early morning, we were the first to be on scene at first light the next morning. There was no sign of the tower at it’s original site and we began a search for survivors.

    1. robert haroutunian says:

      Thanks for setting the record straght.
      I was 4 when it went down.
      My father was Aram Haroutunian
      ww2 and merchant marine vet.
      God bless and thanks for remembering.
      Robert Haroutunian

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