So Al Gore……’s that global warming thing workin’ out for ya?   A bit inconvenient don’t ya think?  Goodness sake I couldn’t believe the amount of snow and cold piled onto New England recently.    It started to look like the blizzard of  ’78 which I remember all too well and the only good thing about the blizzard of  ’11 is…….I wasn’t there to appreciate it….or cuss it.

      However you may ask….why the cheap shot about “global warming” considering I’m presently in Florida?   I’ll tell  you why;  three mornings in a row here in the “Sunshine State”, the thermometer reads below freezing, two mornings at 26 degrees.   Every flowering shrub around my home is dead, all the grass is browner than a Kansas wheat field in winter and I picked the last four tangerines off my one remaining citrus tree that so far has survived…..thanks to a bunch of bed sheets tied around the foliage part of the tree.

     Feel bad for me yet?   If you’re a New Englander…don’t because we’re supposed to be back to 70 by Monday or Tuesday. 

  Tongue Out 2 
      One more thing today:  Tomorrows game between the Patriots and the Jets.  Even here in Florida, where community college football is bigger than an NFL game, it’s like Super Bowl weekend….thanks to two things….1. How great the Patriots and Tom Brady are…..and 2…..the blowhard coach for the Jets…..(and maybe a couple of the Jets brain-cell-challenged players as well.)   Jets Coach Rex Ryan is doing his usual trash-talking foot in mouth (hee hee!!) routine and there might be some forgiveness for him when you realize the old adage, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”   Rex’s Dad, Buddy Ryan is quoted as saying “talking is better than puking.”   Good one Dad….Rex is a chip off the old block.   

      I’m headed South to Vero Beach today to visit my sister and her husband and even my brother-in-law is all fired up over tomorrow’s game.    He sent me an email last night saying he hasn’t changed his mind about Coach Belichick (he hates him) but he says he is a Brady fan….and the “ignorant trash talking by the Jets is a sophomoric attempt to overcome glaring deficiencies on the field.”  He goes to say in his usual calm demeanor…”Coach Ryan is a big fat bag of wind who should know better…and that barely adequate defensive back (Antonio Cromartie) who’s calling Brady names is just plain stupid.”   Brother-in-law Bob goes on to point out  “the Jets haven’t been to a Super Bowl in more than 40-years and still the name calling and mindless rhetoric proves they don’t have a clue how to stop Brady and company.”   We will hoist one to that prediction later today!!!

sig Al Gore, Rex Ryan,Tom Brady And My Brother In Law

  1. Des says:

    Please, Mr. LaPierre, each of your essays digs you in deeper and deeper. If you practiced in civilian life the investigative skills you learned as a radio news reporter, you would understand that “global warming” does not necessarily mean that daily temperatures around the world are on the rise each day.

    Warming of the polar icecaps increases ocean water temperatures, which in turn impact weather systems. People can debate whether climate change is the result of humankind or is simply a natural part of the planet’s evolution. But it is fact that the weather has become extreme and erratic over the past few decades.

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