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Flat Tom got the king sized bed, the reporter ended up on the bedbug infested hotel cot. Hey, he’s the probable MVP!

flat tom brady Flat Tom Brady: Sticks And Stones...

Good night Tom! Be sure to sleep with at least one eye open in Jets Country.

We both survived day 1 in New York City. “Tom” was punched, kicked, and had a few choice words thrown at him but sticks and stones don’t break those cardboard bones.

Last night in Times Square we took a limo ride, met Elmo and Grover, listened to a would-be rap group sing “I Hate Tom Brady” and we returned to the Broadway theater where Tom saw the play about legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi. Tom couldn’t even get any love from some Packers fans!

We’ve had a lot of funny looks on this trip but the weirdest one was from the hotel clerk who kept one eye on me and one on Tom as she checked me into my room!

View: Photos From Flat Tom’s Travels

This morning we’re going to WFAN sports radio in NY for a simulcast with WBZ’S sister station, 98.5 The Sports Hub. It will be Boston’s sports hosts trash talking with NY’s loud mouthed radio personalities. This should be fun



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