By Ron Sanders, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — The horn section was playing around the corner from Boston’s theatre district even when the light was green Friday afternoon. Two days after Wednesday’s blizzard, snow banks and cars illegally parked in commercial spaces were making spaces less accessible to delivery drivers which led to traffic congestion in general.

“It’s a big challenge especially for my other four delivery guys I have out there,” said one catering truck driver waiting for the light on Boylston at Tremont.

WBZ-TV’s Ron Sanders reports.

As we talked to Staples driver Ferdinand Lewis, who had to walk through snow and traffic to make his deliveries, a passerby alerted him that a meter maid was placing a familiar orange rectangle on his windshield. He said he been getting tickets all day. “We have no choice,” he explained.

Dodging downtown Boston traffic was hard enough, but throw in some hardening snow and ice and FedEx driver John White had to watch his step.

“Oh it’s been crazy. It’s slippery. The footing’s just unbelievable,” said White.

Even if the sidewalks are clear, and many were, the delivery drivers said street side snow banks make their deliveries challenging. “Plenty of hazards. Parking, a lot of people are parking in places that are meant for the commercial trucks so it makes it very dangerous, you’ve got double-parking,” said Puritan Food driver Jeff Neves.

However, several observers said the city’s D.P.W. had done a fairly good job removing snow but there was just so much of it.

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  1. Cynic says:

    I can just imagine a delivery driver wading through the six inches of water at the bottom of the snow bank,Then slipping and breaking his/Her back trying to climb over the Snowbank with 40 pounds of packages. I can imagine the Meter Maggot coming upon the scene,puttin a ticket on the truck and THEN calling an Ambulance.

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