BOSTON (CBS)- People around the state hit the streets in full-force Thursday, ready to attack the massive amounts of snow that piled up on sidewalks, buried cars, and weighed down trees.

In Waltham, messy conditions meant slow-going for most, while kids were kept home from school again Thursday so crews could clear the way for a safe route Friday.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports.

The heavy, wet snow dumped in some areas of the state was a concern for home and business owners.  Clean-up went into overdrive, to avoid damage done to roofs and trees. 

WBZ-TV’s Ron Sanders reports.


-Prune in warmer weather to prevent such damage but said property owners can take last minute measures.

Tree crew worker Jesse Dennett told WBZ-TV: “If a tree’s small enough, just shake off the tree or get a long stick and just push up on the tree just try to shake the snow off of it.”

-If you want to remove snow from a tree or shrub, push up on the branch.  Don’t pull down.  You’ll place more stress on the branch and perhaps break it.

Some jobs call for professional help, like shoveling off flat or pitched commercial roofs to prevent collapse.  Snow on them can melt, then freeze, which prevents drainage.  It can also absorb subsequent rain or sleet adding weight and pressure to a roof.  Even some residential roofs call for the pros with roof rakes on tall ladders which can ice up.

 -When is the best time to rake the roof?

“As soon as the snow has fallen.  If you wait, ice dams have formed.  The snow just stopped yesterday but we’ve already started removing ice dams just from overnight,” said Rich Mello of Newton Roofing.  Ice dams can force water between shingles causing roof leaks.

State emergency management officials also advise you to be careful of power lines when using a snow rake on long metal extenders.

WBZ-TV’s Ron Sanders contributed to this report.


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