BOSTON (CBS) — WCVB’s helicopter made an emergency landing Tuesday night in Boston Common.

Everyone on board is reported to be okay. There were two people onboard, a pilot and a photographer.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports.

The pilot of WBZ’s helicopter reports that he heard a Mayday call from WCVB’s helicopter pilot and that the engine had failed.

helicopter2 WCVB Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing In Boston Common

No one was hurt when WCVB's helicopter made an emergency landing in Boston Common Tuesday night. (credit: CBS)

The helicopter made what is described as a “hard landing” at the corner of Charles and Beacon Streets.

Boston police said there were no injuries to anyone on the ground.

Thomas Golden works at the Frog Pond and was cleaning the ice when he saw the helicopter flying fast and low. But he said the engine wasn’t making any noise.

“By the time he got here and pretty low, he was silent,” he said. “I called it in on the radio saying a helicopter went down on the Common and he thought I was joking and we came out and saw it sitting here in complete silence.”

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  1. Michael Duffey says:

    Channel 5 = news.
    Channel 4 = sensationalism.

    1. 4 sensationalism? I could hear that about other stations in the market…but 4? They covered the helicopter landing in Boston Common.

      Gladly this has a happy ending, but it reminds me of the news copter collision in Arizona a few years back. That was a much sadder conclusion. Glad everyone is OK.

      1. Steven says:

        Wanna talk about “sensationalism” – lets throw Channel 9 up in Manch under the bus. They look like a hard hitting news format, but they like to scare people with the creeps in the news, the wild NH weather, and defining “all crime all the time.” They try to be WINS of local TV news since they repeat the same cycle every 18 minutes in their news blocks.

        I thought since 9 is a Hearst O&O, they didn’t have any mention last night, and there isn’t any video on their front pages. They often have more news content from the sisters then themselves. Apparently not in this case.

    2. judith labonte says:

      4 sensationalism? I don’t see that – I do see the 2 stations have a different approach – as do other local news reports in the Greater Boston Market – but i don’t see sensationalism in any of the 3 network affiliates.

  2. cynic says:

    I can’t read this without thinking of Chip Whitimore.This turned out Ok,and Bruce Talford escaped serious injury But Chip Died in the crash and it’s rarely that I go by Furnace Brook Parkway without think of him and his Pilot.It was so sad.

  3. cynic says:

    As long as you don’t hit anything in a Chopper you have a pretty good chance. It will come down hard but the rotors will slow it enough. It’s called Auto-Rotation. The Two Staties and the Phone Repair man that went into the boathouse along the Charles might have made it but there was a flagpole on top of the Building that caught the Rotor and flipped them over. Choppers are fairly safe enen though they look scary.

  4. Producer says:

    The state police helicopter that went down years ago – as i recall – on the MIT boathouse on Storrrow Drive – had fuel contamination that led to an engine flame out. The pilots were not current in autorotation training and tried to stretch the glide and had a main rotor stall. A combination of poor maintenance a inadequate training. That will get you every time.

  5. Steven says:

    Do I call this a “report”? When Elias is standing right in front of Channel’s 5 logo on their chopper? If they were so concerned with the “competition”, they should as well not report it to begin with. Heck, this wasn’t a lead story ether! Google (or search on YouTube) WPVI, sister station KYW and WNBC’s chopper crashes from the last decade and a half and see how the competing stations didn’t do what Elias strategically did.

    I feel bad for watching this newscast last night from watching “The Good Wife” thanks to your tease. (I don’t like Channel 4 so apologies if this criticizism came a bit harsh.)

  6. KF4766 says:

    If you guys don’t like channel 4, why are you watching/reading?

  7. Cynic says:

    Ch 5 said that the Pilot made a “Precautionary Landing”… Good thinking….Better than trying to fly without an Engine.

    1. Cynic says:

      I said that to be Funny…Actually Ch5 is the Class act of Boston TV.

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