Felger and Adam Jones continued the day talking some Bruins hockey. What’s the reason for Tim Thomas’ recent skid? Recently, Tim Thomas commented about the pressure on this Bruins team. Where is this team mentally? When will Zdeno Chara finally step up?

Going back to this upcoming weekends Jet-Patriots game, they guys broke down the rosters and did a head to head comparison. Who has the edge?

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  1. Aaron says:

    Yeah, Thomas let in a bad goal. Big whoop. The score was still 2-1 at that point, Bruins lead. Second goal was not his fault, and the OT winner was just a good shot. How about Julien’s (apparent) decision to sit back and let Montreal gain momentum in the third, by just having his team sit back? Of course a team like Montreal will win if given shot after shot, with no pressure being applied back.

    The man leads the freakin’ league in goals against and save percentage…what more does he have to do to earn the respect of Bruins fans? He’s not going to win them all…especially if he has an uninspired team in front of him. And we’ve seen that same team play in front of Rask earlier in the season.

    So what will you nitpick when he wins his second Vezina this year?

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