A Sports Blog by WBZ-TV's Dan RocheBy Dan Roche

As we sit and wait for the 14-2 Patriots to play a play-off game…..

–Tom Brady will win the MVP and the team has 7 other Pro Bowlers, but I get the sense that some Pats fans are nervous about their team. Only one team had a winning record against the other 11 teams in the play-offs this past regular season. Yep, it’s New England and they went 6-1…..

–Bill Belichick has had four 14-win teams in New England, including the 2010 Pats. Two won Super Bowl while the other made it and should have won if not for a fluke 3rd down play…

–Brady, Wilfork, McCourty for my Patriots MVP voting…..

–I’m a QB guy, so I think the weakest of the “bye week” teams is far and away Chicago and Jay Cutler….

–How do you feel if you’re Stanford QB Andrew Luck? You can enter the 2011 draft and be the #1 pick overall or stay. You stay…and your head coach bolts for the NFL…

–Was caught by surprise Friday when I filled in for Scott Zolak w/Andy Gresh on 98-5 The Sports Hub. We asked, “Which team do you want to see Pats play next Sunday?”. Our answer? 1. Chiefs 2. Jets 3. Ravens  Your answer? 1. Jets 2. Jets 3. Jets…at least that’s what it felt like…

As for the other Boston sports teams go….

–Who is the one guy the Celts can’t win a title with unless they are healthy…KG or Rondo? Love them both, but my money is on KG. Brings team to a whole different level…..

–Watching Luke Harangody record his first NBA 3-pointer and double-double Friday night makes me think just how great a talent evaluator Danny Ainge is. The guy doesn’t miss often….

–Wednesday’s win over San Antonio was a good a regular season game as you’ll ever see in the NBA….

–Tampa may have done well in the Matt Garza to Chicago trade, but to watch the Rays payroll go from 79-million to 33-million is sad. Good baseball people in that organization…awful fan base. Zero support. Time to move that franchise somewhere else or contract….

–Still have to figure Adrian Gonzalez is the best all-around hitter on Sox and should bat 3rd….but where does Crawford go?

–Josh Beckett will have a huge year. Write it down now!

–Still waiting and wondering to see if the Bruins can go on a 10- to 15-game unbeaten streak this season….

–Have to believe Marc Savard will get it going at some point. Tough coming off a concussion…..

–Blake Wheeler is skating soooo much better than last season. Only a matter of time before even more pucks start going in…..

Enjoy the football and let’s hope it lasts for a while in these parts…..


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