BOSTON (CBS) – There’s a controversy on Beacon Hill just two days after lawmakers go back to work.

Ron in Uxbridge Declared his Curiosity, wanting to know “Why would the legislature honor felons like Tom Finneran, Sal DiMasi, etc.? Are they that arrogant or just naive?”

WBZ’s Jon Keller is at large in search of the answer.

Comments (5)
  1. Stephen Gitmo says:

    Massachusetts politicians are corrupt by nature, what would we expect.

  2. Vito Corleone says:

    Finneran e DiMasi – non vedo un problema.

  3. Joe D. says:

    I’m not surprised at all. Our current Senate leader will also be indited because of the Probation Dept. investigation. That would make 4 in a row. Read the report. It’s too bad it’s release was delayed until after our most recent elections.

  4. taxedout says:

    If this info was released before the last election it would have changed Nothing!!! Idiots in this state love to be Used, Taken, Taxed to death…Hope they honor Chuck and Diane before they go to jail!!! If they go!!!! The legislature isn’t stupid…We Are!!!

  5. DStein says:

    Crooks honoring crooks? This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone familiar with the Beacon Hill Gang. I suspect if Whitey turns up they’ll have a gala at taxpayers’ expense for him and his brother Billy.

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