WOBURN (CBS) – Chuck Maguire says his brother Jack wasn’t prepared to die.

He says, “He was just one of those guys who wanted to work.  You know he responded.  I would have been shooting first, he waited that extra second to make sure and it cost him his life….”

The brother of Woburn police officer Jack Maguire says the veteran cop was a man who loved his job and loved life as he stood in a sea of blue surrounded by police chiefs from across the state.

Maguire said the move to release career criminal Dominic Cinelli, the man who took his brother’s life, was a decision the parole board got extremely wrong.

He said any three-year-old could have read the record and known what to do.

Police Chief Phil Mahoney added “One of two members who allowed him out said he hasn’t killed anybody, is that what it takes to keep someone in jail?”

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports

Outrage at the parole board echoes from the steps of the department where Jack Maguire served for 34 years.  Maguire was killed in an exchange of gunfire with Cinelli outside a Woburn Kohls after a jewelry heist on December 26th.

It was a unanimous vote by the parole board that put this man who was serving three life sentences back on the street.  Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin is calling for the board members resignations.

WBZ Radio’s Bernice Corpuz reports from Woburn.

One good thing many agree, that the parole board in question will never have the chance to parole Dominic Cinelli ever again.

The state’s investigation into the parole board’s decision is ongoing.  Investigators are also checking to see if Cinelli committed any other crimes while out on parole.

Sources tell the I-Team they may have linked him to an armed robbery in Stoneham in December.


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