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BOSTON (CBS) – With one regular season game to play, the New England Patriots have already locked up the top seed in the AFC. This has resulted in many Patriots fans believing that head coach Bill Belichick should keep Tom Brady on the sidelines on Sunday when the Patriots face the Miami Dolphins.trans Sit Brady? I Dont Think So

Apparently, the thought process is that it is okay to risk injury when there is something on the line for the Patriots but unnecessary when there is little or nothing to play for.

Try telling that to Belichick. Heck, try telling that to Brady.

Both will tell you that sitting the QB is the wrong signal to send to the rest of the team. Brady goes out of his way to show his teammates and the media that he is just one of the guys. Whether that is true or not is not the point. When it comes to football matters, Brady does NOT want to be treated differently than his teammates. That is why he prefers to conduct his weekly Wednesday interview in front of his locker and not at the podium in the interview room.

That is why, when the Patriots’ offense takes the field on Sunday, number 12 will be under center, doing what he does best; dissecting the opponent’s defense and leading his teammates downfield and into the end zone.

As for Belichick, the last thing he would want to do is convey the message that his QB is above the rest of the team.

Look, you can’t sit every starter. The Patriots have to play the game and they just don’t have enough bodies to rest 22 players.

So expect to see Mr. Brady doing his best to beat the Dolphins on Sunday. He may not finish what he starts, but make no mistake about it – barring an injury this week leading up to kickoff, Tom Brady will be on the field doing what he does best.

Leading by example.

Comments (3)
  1. Jamie says:

    They should sit all of the starters. Anyone remember what happened to Welker in a meaningless game? How far did they go without him?

    1. Nick says:

      I agree Jamie! They definitely have enough bodies to sit 22 players. Bring up the entire practice squad if we need to! There’s no need to risk injury to any of our starters.

  2. Steve says:

    Hey Walt, where can I find clips of some of these locker room interviews? I think I’m actually looking for this particular one that you referenced. Thanks

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