By Carl Stevens, WBZ News Radio

BOSTON (CBS) — Last year, Boston Mayor Tom Menino was laid up after tearing a tendon in his left knee. Now he’s getting ready to go under the knife again.

Menino is scheduled to have surgery on his other knee this afternoon, where doctors say he has a partial tear.

Menino said his knee has been bothering the past couple of weeks and on Monday, his doctor, Dr. Thomas Thornhill, said it’s time.

WBZ News Radio’s Carl Stevens reports.

Thorhill is the head of orthopedics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He’ll be performing the surgery.

Thornhill said Menino will be in the hospital for two or three days. Menino said he’ll be back in action next week.

Comments (4)
  1. Metawampe says:

    I hope he took care of his snow removal before he checked in!

  2. capone the bone says:

    if-a the doctor doe na do a good job-a, the mayor will hav-a him whacked

  3. cynic says:

    I hope he’ll be ready for spring training….

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