ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A Cape Cod man was killed when he walked in front of a bus at a Walt Disney World resort.

Authorities say 69-year-old Robert Krueger of Yarmouth Port, stepped in front of a Disney bus traveling through the parking lot at the Port Orleans resort Sunday afternoon. Krueger died at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

The Florida Highway Patrol says the bus driver was 57-year old Rosemary Kincaid. There were passengers on the bus, but no one aboard was injured.

An investigation is continuing, but authorities said Krueger was not in the crosswalk and the bus had the right of way.

In April, a St. Petersburg boy was hit and killed by a bus while riding his bike at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort campground.

Comments (8)
  1. GW says:

    No vechicle EVER has the right of way over a pedestrian.

  2. Lori Bowen says:

    I agree GW, no vehicle has the right of way over a pedestrian. At least that is what I’ve always been told. The pedestrian would be ticketed for jaywalking (obviously not in this case) but still; that bus driver should have been more aware. Next thing we know is that she shouldn’t have been driving due to her old age which isn’t true either. The pedestrian should have been more aware as well.

  3. Lori Bowen says:

    Either way I feel for both the pedestrian as well as the driver. I cannot even fathom the guilt she must be feeling. The pedestrians family as well.

  4. mikey says:

    Sometimes people on vacation are oblivious to their surroundings and potential dangers. A tragedy regardless.

  5. metoo says:

    Sorry GW, but in many states, unless the pedestrian uses crosswalks, ect. then he don’t have the right of way! And a little known fact; even when using a crosswalk, if the pedestrian crosses when the “don’t walk” light is on, he doesn’t have the right of way either.

  6. metoo says:

    Lori Brown; It would depend on how close the bus was, when he walked in front of it, as to whether the driver was not paying attention. She might not have had time to react.
    After my first post, I thought of one vehicle that always has the right of way, no matter what. That would be a train. Pedestrians that are struck by trains, are always at fault, period.

  7. giselle says:

    Who steps in front of a moving vehicle? It doesnt matter who has the right of way – the 2 ton vehicle wins everytime – just ask Mr Krueger. Once the vehicle is in motion, actually stopping it takes x amount of feet. My condolences to the family; this has marred every Christmas for them.

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