Keller @ Large: Goodwill Toward All?

By Jon Keller, WBZ

BOSTON (CBS) — It’s Christmas eve, a day and night of celebration and anticipation for Christians all over the world. And for those of us lucky enough to live in a place that isn’t torn apart by violence or devastated by poverty or religious oppression, it’s a moment to reflect on the notion of, as the song goes, “peace on earth, and goodwill toward men.”

Does that mean more than the often-fleeting sense of connection with and kindness toward our fellow humans that we call the Christmas spirit?

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Let’s set aside the notion of peace on earth for a moment, that’s a tough one, and maybe goodwill toward men has to be more developed before we can even talk about it.

So, how might that goodwill manifest itself in the new year?

Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking:

* We could start with an end to anonymous sniping on the internet. The anger and vulgarity that comes pouring through the comments section of many websites is humanity at its worst. If only we all could learn to use the “delete” key instead of “send,” goodwill might have a fighting chance.

* We voters could start putting our votes where our rhetoric is and refuse to vote for political candidates who resort to harsh personal attacks. Vigorous debate on issues, fine; smears, innuendo and slander, not fine.

* We might spread goodwill by saving the hero worship we devote to untalented celebrities and egomaniacal athletes and devoting it instead to the likes of that homeless veteran who turned in the wallet full of cash. If we as a culture celebrated virtue, intelligence, and caring instead of wealth and fame, we might start to see more evidence of values we can be proud of. And the next thing you know, goodwill toward men and the peace on earth it might one day bring could become more than just a blip on the December radar.

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  • cynic

    What is the poinr of commenting on these forums? The Comments are so badly edited that it is imposible to know what people are really saying. Either print All Comments or print none.

  • cynic

    It is amusing that Mr.Keller decries all the words and tactics that he uses everyday on anyone that disagrees with him.

  • cynic

    There are several words and terms that I find very offensive. Unfortunately the Censors at WBZ won’t allow me to tell you what they are.

  • mikey

    cynic: A sneering, faultfinding person; especially, one who believes that all men are motivated by selfishness.

    I’m glad that I’m not the embodiment of a cynical personality, what a sad way in which to go through life.

    • cynic

      Mikey..I like me.

      • mikey

        On second thought, I think you’re more wily, witty, intelligent and interesting than cynical. I look forward to reading your posts, in the future, which reflect those characteristics.

  • Stephen Stein

    Excellent thoughts and suggestions all. Would that they would have sway both at this season and the year round. To you Jon and all your commenters, have a very Merry Christmas or Good Shabbos, should either apply!

  • Kathy Nolan Deschenes

    Enjoy this time of peace and goodwill. Rejoice in what is good and just nod at things that are bad. Most of all, give thanks for love and life.

  • cynic

    Cynics. A group of ancient Greek Philosophers who advocated the doctrine that virtue is the only good and that the essence of virtue is self control.

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