By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TVBy Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – With all the parties and holiday baking, this is a tough time of year not to add a few extra pounds.

But with a little planning, you can have fun and avoid any regret later on.  Even personal trainer Lori Haverty finds the holidays, and the food that comes with them, a challenge.

“As a trainer, I do find it very difficult during the holidays to stay at my weight; stay comfortable in my clothes,” she said.

But she doesn’t want to give up celebrating with family and friends.  “You have to allow yourself one day, one meal, two meals here and there, to enjoy food and enjoy what family and friends are all about,” she explained.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports.

There are some simple ways to moderate what you eat this time of year.  Take the plate you use, for example.

Studies show that a larger one encourages you to eat more because our tendency is to fill it up.  Compounding that is the fact that plate sizes have increased by about a third since the 1960s, according to Boston University nutritionist Joan Salge Blake.

To cut down on the calories you consume, be conscious of eating small portions of high calorie hors d’oeuvres.  Instead, load up on fresh vegetables if they’re available.

Also, offer to bring a healthy option for the whole crowd to share.

When it comes to alcohol, consider being the designated driver which adds the benefit of avoiding calories.

Salge Blake says to enjoy your treat when you get home.  “You’re not going to have any calories from alcohol at the party, so when you get home, pour yourself a glass of a good quality wine.”

Often, we worry we will offend our host by not clearing our plate.  Salge Blake advises that you “Ask for the recipe and that will allow you to leave something on the plate, but still signal to the host or the hostess that you loved every morsel.”

As much as you can over the next few days, which we all know will be crazy, try to keep you up with your exercise.  Studies have showed the average person gains about a pound during the holidays.

While that might not sound too bad, that same research found that most of us keep that pound on and accumulate them year after year.

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    “Lbs” is usually spelled “lbs. Journalist? or Moron?

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