Felger & Massarotti discussed how the New England Patriots slipped by the Green Bay Packers for last night’s win. Plus, if the Patriots offense isn’t on the mark, can the team truly rely on the defense to get the win?

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  1. frank bee says:

    Someone tell felger and mazz that the pats are 12 and 2. Boy, that guy Jesus was a lousy carpenter

  2. John says:

    Brady or Vick for league MVP? Brady, No question he’s smarter, can read defences, audible to Hernandez last proves my point. Vick’s a “neck down”, Brady’s the total package. and how about Ben Jarvis Green Ellis, 2 TD’s from tying a team record.

  3. Jamie in Taunton says:

    Hey Felgie and Mazz…love the show…..Has anyone talked about the block in the back by Sammie Morris on the Compton run……that was blatent and right in front of the official

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