SALEM (CBS) – The 20-year-old man who admits to driving drunk when he crashed his SUV in Lynn last March, killing his girlfriend, was sentenced to 3-to-4 years in jail Friday afternoon.

WBZ Radio’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

Before he learned his fate, Christopher Maxson listened as Julia Gauthier’s family, including her aunt, described their loss.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports

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  1. Scooby says:

    Tragedy with no winners…hug you loved ones this Holiday

  2. DStein says:

    Is 3-4 years in prison enough? I’m not so sure.

  3. Kim says:

    I don’t think 3-4 years is enough of a punishment. I realize that he lost a loved one. However, if he really loved her, he shouldn’t have been driving so recklessly in the first place. We need to do something to clamp down on all these people, and I hate to say it, but most of the time it is the young, inexperienced drivers – that drive so recklessly and think it is ok to do so. A stiffer consequence might make them think twice before they do it again and set an example for those thinking about doing the same thing.

  4. Friend of Maxson and Julia says:

    Kim, I think you honestly should have gotten to know Julia better before you go on the internet making these statements. Because, clearly you didn’t know what was in Julia’s heart. The biggest part of her heart was Maxson. He was the one that took care of her, pretty much everyone else abandoned her. She was living at his house for god sakes. They were madly in love with each other and now she can’t rest in peace because the love of her life sits in jail all day with a broken heart. The relatives of her family are making her roll over in her grave, besides the mother who has said this was an accident and he didn’t mean to hurt her. Why can’t you guys stop and think to do what she would have wanted instead of ruining the life of the person she loved the most. I get a letter from Maxson every two weeks and I can’t even explain the terror that is in his heart. The truth is that this could have happened to anyone of our friends including Julia herself. We were reckless, and Maxson wasn’t the only one to get behind the wheel of a car that night. We’ve since changed our lifestyles, but nothing is going to bring the best and most beautiful of us all back. Nothing is going to bring her back and thats what you do what she would have wanted because she cant do it herself. So, Kim, instead of questioning whether Maxson really loved her, question how well YOU knew her because if you did know her well this wouldn’t be a question in your mind

    1. Julia,s Mom says:

      She was never abandoned.

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