By Terry Eliasen, WBZ-TV Executive Weather ProducerBy Barry Burbank

BOSTON (CBS) – All weather models are now showing a major storm for southern New England Sunday afternoon into Monday.

Check: Seven Day Forecast

We are still 72 hours away from any flakes flying and there is still plenty of room for change in track and intensity, but we now feel more confident than ever that we may be in for our first major Nor’easter of the season.

Watch Barry Burbank’s Forecast

The best estimation at a start time would be midday Sunday or perhaps sometime Sunday afternoon. 

The heaviest snow and strongest winds would likely be Sunday night into Monday morning.

If the storm comes together the way it is now modeled to, we could be looking at near a foot or more of snow in some locations, blizzard-like conditions at times early on Monday and winds gusting over 50 miles per hour. 

The coastline will also be a concern.  Tides are building next week and are astronomically fairly high.  Coastal flooding and erosion will also need to be monitored.

Again, I will stress that there is still a decent amount of variation in our weather models.

The exact track and form this storm takes will need to be tweaked in the coming hours and days. 

However, everyone should begin to prepare for what could be our first major snowfall of the season.

Read: WBZ-TV Weather Blog

Can anyone remember the last big storm we had here? 

You have to go all the way back to March 1st for the last measurable snowfall in Boston, a whopping 293 days ago. 

In fact we are just 10 days shy of the record for consecutive snowless days in Boston set back in 1999-2000.  But it now appears like that record will not be broken.

Also keep in mind, the Patriots play the Green Bay Packers in Foxboro Sunday night at 8:20.

Comments (37)
  1. Charlie says:

    O man every year we do the same thing, we r all model watchers, when I was little I always thought that the weather guys were the ones that were not model watchers, but without them the weather guys r just like us, don’t know

  2. Victor says:

    Nothing going happend . Maybe we luck enough flurry!

  3. larry says:

    i already called in sick for monday!

  4. bill says:

    They are never right.

    1. Charlie says:

      Seriously bill, I was just talking to the town, like bill bellichick says don’t listen to them,

  5. Charlie says:

    48 hrs before and we don’t know if we r gonna get 10 inches of snow or nothing?? Really?

    1. bill says:

      I am a firm believer that they have stock in the supermarkets and the home improvement stores in the winter. Hurry up and get to the store for bread, milk
      rock salt and snowblowers!

      1. Charlie says:

        I don’t fall for it anymore :)

      2. Tim says:

        don’t forget about the snowmobiles

  6. bill says:

    I like when they say a big snow storm is coming and it either does not happen or it’rains. I love to see them back peddle and make excuses.

  7. Ellen says:

    Are they talking about here or Florida? It’s getting confusing by the day when you read that Miami has colder temps then New York. Hey, how about that Global Warming they were all talking about not so long ago.

  8. paul says:

    Must be nice to have a job where if you’re wrong, it doesnt matter, what a waste of time, all meteorologists jobs should not exist.

  9. Charlie says:

    Well now that Barry is starting to lean towards a blockbuster, alot of other forecasters r calling the storm off, I’m getting completely confused

    1. Margie says:

      Barry Burbank has been around this area for quite a bit of time. I always listen to his predictions. He said it in a professional manner but to paraphase him with some New England humor, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it will change!”

      1. Charlie says:

        Yes I agree, he is the best around for sure, been watching channel 4 since the early 80’s :)

      2. Dana says:

        Margie, see my comment below. Professional is true. I did an internship at WBZ TV weather when I was in college during the 80’s. “We” got the temps by listening to ham radio operators throughout New England and I got to draw the fronts in by hand. Technology has come a long way, but back then the inside joke was to look out the window and them make the forecast. :)

  10. gene condon says:


  11. bill says:

    must be one heck of an office pool to be in!

  12. angel says:

    Nothing is going happend! The weather guy always wrong. You see tomorrow will predicted few flurries take my word

  13. come on says:

    Quick………. everyone run to the market for 9 loaves of bread and 6 gallons of milk!!!!

  14. Boston Resident says:

    50% Chance it will snow!

  15. Tim says:

    i think it will snow. need snow to use the snowmobile

  16. Jeffrey J Howland says:

    I’m not falling for it… weather guys are great tricksters….the headlines on Monday will be…”Dodged Another One” :)

  17. bill says:

    How true, Not even taking the snowblower out of the shed. Well there is a chance if it stays on the right track that i might open the shed door and look at it.

  18. AL williams says:

    Well as far as I see this snow coming on late Sunday night into Monday is going to be heavy wet snow along the cost 8 to 10 inches that is what I am saying

  19. bill says:

    Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

  20. bill says:

    See what happens. All of the other channels are jumoing on board now and guess what, 1 is actually saying it might rain in Boston. Whew looks like we missed another one.

  21. caysmith says:

    theres are 30 % it is already raining!!!

  22. Tim says:

    i call for snow and there is a 70% chance of snow!!! gotta have snow for the snowmobile

  23. Charlie says:

    How do we go from it’s going out to c, to it’s gonna rain inside 128 down to providence and 2 ft of snow in places like Worcester, what happen to just 20 miles will be the difference between a few flurries or a noreaster

  24. Dana says:

    I’m laughing so hard I can hardly type. If all of you who are complaining about the forecast being wrong, and that meteorologists’ jobs shouldn’t exist, why on earth are you watching???? HaHaHa, go live in Arizona, this is New England. If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute. If you don’t like the weather forecast, change the channel, or better yet, turn off your tv and look up the meaning of the word “forecast.” LOL!!!!

  25. LH says:

    You guys are all so funny

    1. Krysta Carbaugh says:

      Did it really snow in Boston? I am from pa and need to know if it snowed the weekend of the December 16th?

  26. steve says:

    I am in Plymouth and it’s snowing

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