CLINTON (CBS) — Cody Riekstins says he avoids fights. And he says he’s certainly never been attacked like this before – a beating so bad, he was knocked unconscious for hours, waking up in the hospital to a nurse telling him how lucky he was to be alive.

Twelve days later, he’s still trying to put the pieces together. “It’s like trying to remember a dream in the morning,” explains the Assabet Valley Technical High School senior. “You just can’t remember what happened, you know?”

A group of eight Clinton High School students stand charged with savagely beating the 18-year-old during a drinking party to celebrate Clinton football’s super bowl win over Hudson High School.

The incident began at the house of former Town Selectman Mark Elworthy, whose son had allegedly thrown the party.

WBZ-TV Jim Armstrong reports.

Cody tells WBZ that the party was raging when he and his girlfriend stepped outside, having a disagreement over a text message. He says the argument wasn’t serious, but apparently the guys from Clinton didn’t like it.

Cody says he looked up, saw a group of guys running toward him, and everything went blurry.

Even today, Cody still has no idea how he wound up in the middle of a different street, five houses away from the party, where the suspects apparently left him for dead. He was there for about 15 minutes until a neighbor saw him and called police.

“Just the booze, you know?” says Riekstins. “You mix emotion with booze and you get a hell of an incident.”

Cody says he was definitely drinking too, but did nothing to directly anger the guys who police say attacked him. Even if he had made someone angry, he says he never had the chance to explain himself before they were on top of him.

But as details come to light, Cody thinks the cops made a mistake with at least one of his alleged attackers. He says Clinton senior Tony Gizzonio may have tried to help him.

“The last thing I remember was Tony trying to push me away from all the kids, trying to tell the kids, it’s good, you’re fine, back off,” says Cody. “Personally, I don’t know why he’s being arraigned right now.”

Cody was back at the Clinton Police Department again this afternoon, answering questions and helping to sort through the mess.

A judge has ordered the young men accused of beating him up not to have any contact with him, and Cody’s not even sure what he’d want to hear from them if he could.

“I mean, I’m sure they’re sorry now that the heat’s been brought on them,” he says. “I hate to see anyone get in trouble.”

Comments (15)
  1. Mary says:

    This moron either was going to get beaten, or was going to do the beating. No victims here!

    1. Lindsay MacDougall says:

      It makes me sick that I just read this.

    2. Emily says:

      really no victims??? Cody tried to leave and got jumped but 8 kids… and didnt even get a chance to fight back because all the guys involved arnt weak. and really hes a moron for trying to walk away from a problem before it even really got started? Cody is the victim here whether you want to admit it or not. and how do i know this because im from clinton, i know the clinton kids and i go to assabet ive met cody and he didnt deserve that

  2. cynic says:

    For someone that doesn’t remember he sure has a lot of details.

    1. Ally says:

      how is he remembers seeing zach and the others then nothing alot of details?

  3. cynic says:

    Why is the Headline always,,”so and so SPEAKS OUT” Just once I would like to see’So an so SHUTS UP”..?

  4. mark says:


    No victims? 8 on 1 with no victims. Think about that.
    Sticks and stones mat break your bones but names……..
    You know the rest.

  5. Jean says:

    There is something wrong with today’s youth who think it is okay to gang beat someone and leave them in the road for dead. They act like nothing more than animals. There are no words that would remedy what these boys did. It’s a tough lesson they will have to learn, but let’s hope to God they learn it.

    1. cynic says:

      Jean,Where did you get your information on ” What these boys did”? From The Media?Not exactly a reliable source.

  6. John Joseph Grimes says:

    Let’s not forget about the drinking party for 17 & 18 year olds at a “former selectman’s house”. That being said, anyone who joins a group of 4, 6 or in this case, EIGHT, to beat one person is nothing but a coward, They deserve any punishment they get and they should get it in spades.

  7. Jim Donovan says:

    Mary is obviously one of the beaters moms..because even for people in Clinton that is a totally STUPID comment

  8. nicole says:

    @Jim Donovan


  9. Wayne says:

    its funny how people talk about this like they know what happened people need to shut their mouths
    the kid was doing coke at the party and was asked to leave a bunch of times before the fight even started
    another kid told him to stop pushing his girlfriend and he initiated the fight by punching him
    6 on 1 (it was not 8) is not fair and the beating went way too far but there is plenty of blame to go around this kid is not the innocent angel he is shown as in the media after all, he was at that party wasn’t he?

    1. Charlie says:

      I am so glad someone finally said this. Thank you

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