BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a list that makes parents and college administrators cringe.

The University of New Hampshire has been ranked number one in the Daily Beast’s ranking of the “Druggiest Colleges” in America.

Northeastern was number two.

WBZ Radio’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports from Northeastern

The web site compiled the list with information from other web sites, as well as from the federal government.

Northeastern released a statement about their ranking. “It’s hard to take seriously a ranking that miscounts our enrollment by more than 5,000 students. Fortunately, this ranking has not been taken seriously by our students or anyone else who knows Northeastern.”

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports.

Also on the list are Williams College at number 10, UMass at 44, and Hampshire College at 50.

Comments (16)
  1. ffefefe says:

    Thsi is what happens when kids & students NOT Faculty run the family,schools, college

  2. george carino says:

    I didn’t see Fitchburg on the list

    1. cynic says:

      Fitchburg dropped off the list when my brother graduated in’78…

      1. cynic says:

        I meant my Sister… Sorry.

  3. massman says:

    From what I saw on the link, it really just shows percentage of marijuana use. There’s concern for smoking a plant? Concern about a substance that is less harmful than lega drugs (alcohol and tobacco)? Legalize it, and stop letting the ignorant make issues out of nothing.

  4. NewEnglandBob says:

    ffefefe, that is one really stupid comment.

  5. ffefefefe says:

    New England Bob why is that?
    If the faculty was in charge of the colleges, and society is against drug use. in the words of Larry Bird in regards to drug use in the NBA, how to handle the problem – “very simple, the first offense – you are banned fo rlife”

    I am not saying kick the kids out – for life – but if the drug problem was really a concern it WOULD BE greatly reduced

  6. cynic says:

    99.9% of the Population is on drugs most of the time. Most are LEGAL but they are still DRUGS.

  7. weedman420 says:

    man i got to get up there helll yeahhh

  8. Scooby says:

    Maybe UNH students are the most honest admitting marijuana use in their college. I question surveys like this and question the validity of it….excuse me while I light my bong..

  9. jsa says:

    Social Compulsion…..our own root rot.

    Dumb is as Dumb does

  10. v22 says:

    northeastern is pretty bad…that’s why i decided not to go when i was accepted. everyone is very sketchy there from what i noticed. even if the validity of the survey has been called into question, this doesn’t surprise me the least.

    1. slowburn says:

      First, I am extremely disturbed that the “legitimate” new outlets are even covering this story. All this story does is harm the UNH community and expecially those students who have and are spending time money and a great deal of effort on their college career. I personally know many current and former UNH students who are all successful people and not a bunch of drug crazed slackers. I honestly must question Channel 4 and all the other outlets on running this story. Slow news day perhaps?

  11. emom says:

    WHAT , like this is anything new, the first thing teens think about after graduation is wheres the party , wheres the booze and dope….. Gee like that will ever change. Getting high one way or another is what is so much more important.. And with no parent around to monitor them, well any thing goes.. GET A CLUE, GIVE THEM ENOUGH ROPE AND THEY WILL DO WHAT THEY PLEASE…… clueless kids

  12. bruce says:

    at unh they have a zero drug policy they arrest abusers not slap them on the wrist and give a warning which is not counted on the report

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