Nahant Residents Worried About Aggressive Coyotes

By Jim Smith, WBZ-TV

NAHANT (CBS) — When Paul Caira takes his dog Bonnie for a walk outside of his Nahant home these days, he’s keeping a very sharp lookout.

Just last month, he lost one of his cats. It was attacked and killed by coyotes. “The coyotes have been visiting the yard, and presumably that’s what happened to the cat.”

Paul took pictures of a pair of very large coyotes in his yard just after he lost his cat. He set up a special automatic wildlife camera, and soon enough, he had visual evidence. “Pretty good size coyotes. They are very good size coyotes. Much to the surprise of everyone that has seen these photographs, they’re big.”

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports.

These days, coyotes can be found in many communities. If you have woods or any grassy area where they can build a den, it’s quite possible that they will show up.

Caira recently joined other Nahant residents at a selectman’s meeting where they told town leaders that coyotes are becoming a big problem.

“They do pose a danger to not only our pets, but to humans as well — especially children. They should be relocated where they either be hunted or they can fend for themselves,” said Caira.

But that is not so easy. Under state law, coyotes cannot be relocated, but game wardens do have the authority to shoot them if they pose a danger.

Wildlife experts advise people to take precautions and co-exist with the creatures.

In the meantime, Caira’s nightly walks may never be the same.


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