BOSTON (AP) – Massachusetts Treasurer-elect Steve Grossman is raising about $20,000 to cover expenses associated with his swearing-in.

A filing made Wednesday with the IRS shows the Democrat has established a committee to handle his January 19 inaugural.

Spokesman Al Gordan says the committee will allow Grossman to raise money for invitations and catering, as well as to partially defray staff salaries. Grossman is planning to invite up to 500 people.

The committee also allows Grossman to raise funds without the usual $500 annual limit on political contributions in Massachusetts.

All expenses over $50 must be reported, as well as the names of the donors.

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Comments (10)
  1. George L. says:

    I voted for this guy and he just let me down, SAD and SHAME on him!

  2. Hannah D says:

    This is so bad, and he just doesn’t ‘get’ why it’s so bad.

  3. whatnext says:

    He’s not even sworn in, and our treasurer-elect is planning an expensive inaugural, during a recession. I don’t care if he’s raising the money through donations; this is not the type of person I want as treasurer.

  4. wmca_goodguys says:

    Why did Massachusetts elect this guy in the first place? And now some voters are surprised at this sort of thing?! I can’t figure out the electorate in this state. They blind themselves to the past and can’t look astutely at what could be the future. This state is just too much.

  5. fran says:

    this is a insult to the wotking people of this state that out of work and trying to make ends meet.i guess i made the wrog vote



  7. Bob says:

    This is not a good sign

  8. J Bishop says:

    What? Does this guy think he was elected Governor?

  9. Maria says:

    Did anyone actually read the story? $20,000 for 500 people. Some people spend $500,000 and up for an inauguration celebration. Aparently you folks read the headline and not the story. News sources print exagerated headlines to get people to read or watch a story, which no one here has done apparently. I guess some people just need something to complain about. Let’s give this guy a chance.

  10. teri says:

    All elected officials have a “swearing in” event..this is nothing new..
    If you are to critique Steve Grossman on this issue you are wasting valuable time. Keep in mind that anyone running for an office has expenses as well, can’t get elected on good looks alone. !! Why are people getting so upset ?
    Keep in mind that the people going to this are very happy to give to him as part of his election expenses and don’t feel gouged at all.
    It’s an honor to be with Steve Grossman at this special time; he’s a great guy..
    Have you ever talked to him about his ideals and vision ?
    I think you would forget about this and feel good that we have a great treasurer to speak for us.

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