BOSTON (AP) — Sen. Scott Brown has voted to block debate on a repeal of the federal ban on gays serving openly in the military.

Brown’s vote on Thursday comes just a week after he announced he was ready to support a repeal of the law, provided that the battle readiness of U.S. forces is guaranteed.

A spokesman for Brown said Thursday he has been clear that he would not vote to repeal the law until after the Senate takes a vote on a tax package.

The Massachusetts Republican had said he’d support the repeal after reviewing a Pentagon report, speaking with active and retired military service members and meeting privately with Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Democratic Sen. John Kerry voted Thursday to allow debate on repeal.

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Comments (4)
  1. Phoenix says:

    Wait, so let me make sure I’ve got this… Scott Brown won’t discuss repealing this stupid rule until the tax package has been voted on. So, that means he’s willing to use our gay military members as pawns in a game to secure Republican tax cuts for the wealthy. Nice. His concern for the well-being of our soldiers is truly moving. Come on Mr. Brown, let’s repeal this silly rule now!

    1. Paul says:

      @Phoenix: No matter what the media, an out of touch general, a lame congress, or a vocal rainbow group would like you to believe, Our troops are NOT sitting in the trenches or the foxholes or the front lines waiting for news on whether or not ‘It’s OK if you want to be gay”. They, like all people of real common sense, JUST DON’T CARE. There are much more important things regarding our troops, their safety, their well-being, getting them out of harm’s way and off foreign soil. Until we’ve accomplished THAT, then this falsely “important” law can wait.

  2. Metalhead says:

    Scott Brown promised when he was elected that he would be an Independent voter for the citizens of Massachusetts and not just vote along party lines, LIAR!
    It didn’t take long for him to become just another pawn instead of our voice in the Senate.
    I’ll remember and remind everyone else when it comes time for his re-election!

    1. Paul says:

      Yeah, how dare he not be a Democrat.
      Personally I don’t care for him because he’s TOO far left. A Republican…in name only.

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