Tom Brady was named the AFC’s offensive player of the week for the second week in a row.  Just another award for QB 12 but he did not want to talk about the accolades, his focus was on the Bears.  Brady has to be the favorite for league MVP but that’s also something he is not talking about.

“I think the Chicago Bears are a very good team,” said Brady in response to a question about his MVP candidacy. “We’ve got play very well. I’m excited about the challenge. It’s a short week. We have to prepare well. We’re a few days behind them in preparation.

“Regardless of how I play, it’s how our offense plays. We’ve still got some work to do. Guys have to get better play by play. We’re still working for more consistency from all of us, myself, Wes [Welker], Deion [Branch], all of us. The games only get bigger from here. I’m not thinking about (awards),” said Brady.

So now the Pats get back to work.  New England is on a 4 game winning streak and the Bears have won 5 in a row.  Something has to give.  Brady is working to make sure it’s not his squad.

“We just have to get back to work today, put in the work we need to be prepared,” he said. “Then we have to have a good day tomorrow and a good day on Friday. This is a whole different game, a different defense. We haven’t played this team for a while. They have a good defense and they play well at home. We’ll have to go out there and play well.”


Today Bill Belichick let everyone know how dangerous he feels Jay Cutler is.  The Patriots head coach feels Cutler is playing as well as any quarterback in the league and his skill set is off the charts.

“He has done a good job with Mike [Martz’s] schemes,” Belichick said. “And if a play breaks down [Cutler] can run. He’s able to keep the plays alive. He does a good job of extending the plays and making positive yards. He’s fast. He can outrun defensive backs.”

This season, Belichick noted, Cutler has been impressive. Cutler is completing 63.2 percent of his passes (201 of 318) and is on pace for a 3,000-yard season. He also has rushed for 201 yards on 41 carries (4.9 average), making him the team’s third-leading rusher.

“Cutler does a good job of spreading the ball around,” Belichick said. “He’s playing as well as any quarterback in the league. We’ve played a lot of good quarterbacks lately. Taking nothing away from the [Ben] Roethlisbergers and the [Peyton] Mannings. Those guys are good, too. But Jay Cutler has done a real good job, particularly the last five games. There are not many decisions you can question that he has made.”


Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher spoke to the media this week.  He complimented Tom Brady and the Patriots for the run they have been on but he feels his team in the best in the league.

“New England is the best team in the NFL, record-wise. But I feel like we’re the best team, period. That’s why I say record-wise. They have the best quarterback, numbers-wise. And everybody likes to go by numbers, right?”

Urlacher and Brady have respect for each other.  He know’s Tom is playing special football right now.  Urlacher feels they may have a chance to trip him up.

“Right now, he’s playing better than anybody,” Urlacher said. “There’s no doubt about that. Comparing with Peyton Manning, they’re just different. Well, maybe they’re not different because both run their offenses. Whatever they want to do, they do it. But Brady’s doing it better right now.”

“He doesn’t make any mistakes with the football. You’re not going to trick him. You just better stick to your roles.'”


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