BOSTON (CBS) — It’s not the regular snowfall we are used to seeing in the winter, but on Friday, many parts of Massachusetts could see a bit of snow in their area.

According to WBZ meteorologists, a dusting of snow will be seen in most spots on Friday, while elevated areas, such as Worcester County and southwest New Hampshire, could see up to an inch.

The minimal snow that we do see will be long gone by Saturday.

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In the meantime, temperatures for the week will continue to be cold. Highs for today will be in the mid- to lower 30s. The coldest day of the week is expected to be Thursday as temperatures struggle to stay in the lower 30s.

There is a chance of a few flurries from time to time through Wednesday, but the majority of Southern New England will be party sunny.

Comments (4)
  1. Ed Dracut says:

    Sunny and 85 is a whole lot better!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jitters says:

    finally?…are you nuts?..who wants snow here?

  3. Marcus says:

    I want snow! I really want a foot but at least 2″ will cover the ground. Bring it on! You Summer lovers had 3 months of heat and humidity. Now it’s the Winter lovers turn so suck it up! Happy Winter Solstice!

  4. bob says:

    Winter is around the corner. Is Deval Patrick going to raise the sales tax again so that alll welfare rats and illegals can have a free snow shovel? Just curious.

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