By Alana Gomez, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — Things ran smooth and steady at Boston Logan Airport Wednesday morning.

Despite maximum staff on hand in preparation for heavy travel and possible protesters, the morning was quiet and uneventful.

Only one man traveling to Austin told WBZ he was participating in “National Opt-Out Day.”

“I don’t want them x-raying me, that’s ridiculous,” said Mike Plutts. “My message is ‘leave me alone.'”

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez Reports

The movement is a protest against the TSA’s enhanced security screenings. Critics say the body scanners and modified pat-downs are too invasive. Organizers are encouraging angry travelers to “opt-out” of the scanners and choose the more time-consuming pat-downs in an effort to create major delays.

“I know that’s going to be difficult for some people that are trying to get on their flight that don’t plan ahead to get here in time,” said Plutt. “But you gotta, you gotta use your right to opt out of stuff like that.”

Many expressed their frustration at the thought of a demonstration of delays on one of the busiest traveling days of the year. “I think it’s annoying that people are deciding to not go through it because I just want to go home,” said Katherine Cronquist.

Still, others sympathized with the cause.

“I definitely understand people’s point and that they want to send a message to the TSA,” said Michelle Boyd, who feels the scanners are too revealing but wasn’t going to “opt-out.”

Airport officials said they expected 100,000 people to travel through Logan Wednesday.

WBZ News Radio’s Kim Tunnicliffe talks with passengers about going through security

5 p.m. Update:

Still no “opt out” protest at Boston Logan

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports

Comments (2)
  1. Dave says:

    Its only Wednesday? how do you know that Thursday mornings travel was uneventful?

  2. Jay says:

    I want to know why you guys call this “One of the busiest airport travel days of of the year” Or even going as far to call it THE buisiest when it’s not even in the top 25. Just riling up the public for ratings huh?

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