BOSTON (CBS) — House Speaker Robert DeLeo’s name is mentioned 41 times in the scathing probation report, but Friday there was no sign of the Speaker at his office at the statehouse, at his district office, or at his home.

The Ware Report states candidates sponsored by politicians had a remarkable success rate in being hired or promoted. Speaker DeLeo sponsored 12 candidates, and was successful in having seven of them 58.4 percent hired or promoted.

The Ware Report also states there was a strong overlap between people sponsored for jobs by lawmakers, and contributors. The report shows of DeLeo’s 12 candidates sponsored, six made contributions to him.

DeLeo’s top deputy, House Ways and Means Chair Charley Murphy came to the Speaker’s defense Friday. He said, “We’re going to take some time to digest it and see what we’ve got.”

When asked about the picture the report paints, of corrupt politicians running the statehouse, Murphy responded, “I completely disagree with that premise.”

He went on to say, “This report deals with probation. The probation department, it has nothing to do with the statehouse.”

When asked about the report’s findings that there is statistical evidence of “pay to play,” Murphy responded, “Yeah, there’s statistical evidence, but that doesn’t tell me anything.”

The Inspector General, who is undertaking his own report into waste at the Probation Department at the request of the Governor, said the report is historic.

He said, “The report highlighted a practice of legislative requests for jobs, and raised the issue of budget increases have been linked to that.”

Comments (6)
  1. had enough yet? says:

    DeLeo’s MIA. What are the chances?

  2. mark says:

    just the tip of the iceburg

  3. really says:

    I smell a dirty rat

  4. enough says:

    Should we really be surprised here? Charley Murphy had no reason to be rude. It makes him look and the defensive and just as at fault.

  5. Oversight says:

    The list for all the politicians did not make it into the Investigation made by a team of lawyers based out of Boston hired by a judge that was on a witch hunt to get Jack O’Brien. A long accurate list was not published in the over 300-page report which has been made public. Everyone in Massachusetts has known for centuries that you had to ask a person of public importance to recommend you for a job. This has been known as political payback. The report does make mention that not all the people hired that were recommended were not qualified for the jobs. Also the report does not go into details about those who were recommended and left those jobs at the probation department.

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