By Ron Sanders, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — Two out of five liquor, beer and wine stores WBZ checked on Friday near the Boston College, Boston University and Northeastern campuses were still carrying Four Loko the day after the state banned sales of the potent alcoholic-caffeine beverage.

An ample supply of Four Loko was in stock at the Huntington Market at lunch time when a WBZ camera crew walked in.

The state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission issued an emergency regulation and said by the end of Thursday alcoholic-caffeine drinks were supposed to be taken off the shelf.

By late afternoon, the store had emptied the shelf of Four Loko, which the Food and Drug Administration called unsafe following cases in which college students were hospitalized after drinking the beverage nicknamed “blackout in a can.”

After WBZ went into Giant Liquors in Roxbury, one of the co-owners removed Four Loko from his shelves.

“Right now, I’m removing the product of Four Loko. They have passed that law so I’m trying to get it off my shelves today,” said Jeff Daniels.

An ABCC official says if a store fails to comply and the commission finds out, the owner can be brought before the ABCC to answer questions and penalties can range from suspension to revocation of license.


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