BOSTON (CBS) — If you fly out of Logan Airport, chances are you’ll be asked to walk through one of the 17 full body scanners at security checkpoints.   Travelers seem to fall into two camps.

Said Neal Thornberry, en route to North Carolina, “I’ve gone through a couple, don’t feel comfortable.”  On the other hand, Seattle-bound Linda Harris said, “Our safety is primary.  If that means scanning our body and looking at private parts, fine.” has obtained 100 of 35,000 images from a scanner at an Orlando Courthouse where U-S Marshals who weren’t supposed to store images did.

Asked if scanners at Logan Airport might store images, the TSA’s George Naccara adamantly said no.

“Different system, different software,” said Naccara.  Naccara said the scanners at Logan Airport arrive without storage capability.  “I cannot save, TSA cannot save images.  The software change is made at the factory and I cannot override that.”

Travelers can opt out of the full body scan and undergo a metal detector and pat-down instead.  Privacy advocates object to both processes.

“Of course understand everyone wants to be safe when they fly, but we question whether this is really the best way to do that,” said Laura Rotolo of the American Civil Liberties Union.    

The anatomically explicit images created by the scanner can’t be seen by anyone who can see the actual person at the checkpoint. They’re viewed in a remote room.

Naccara says soon, they won’t be seen by anyone at all as better technology allows for a much more simplistic image.

“A stick figure.  That’s our goal.  In fact we could be the first airport that gets it.”   Possibly, he said, within six months.

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  1. Damian says:

    The people that are the loudest complainers will be the loudest if something were to happen to a plane. They would complain there wasn’t enough done to protect the flyers. You can’t win with people like that. Don’t fly then, take another form of transportation until something else can be developed that will be less intrusive. We need this protection as the terrorists are waiting for you to complain and have this security measure stopped so they can do their damage.

    1. Josh says:

      Your generalization of people opposed to the screening and pat down is baseless. There are plenty of individuals who do support safety measures but yet dislike being touched for the sake of traveling on a plane. Do you think we should have scanners on Greyhounds? Doubtless.

      Honestly, I don’t care that much about someone seeing the more intimate parts of myself on a screen; however, its totally understandable that a family would not want to be scanned. Not everyone is comfortable with someone seeing them nude.

  2. Frequentflyer says:

    Instead of screening old men and woman what would be most effective people who meet the profile. Europe and mid east countries been doing it correctly for many many years. Tsa are “pc” spending your money wastefully

  3. skinnyness says:

    Thank you. Nice article you have here. Got some more websites to direct to with more information?

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