HYDE PARK (CBS) — Residents of the Hyde Park neighborhood where a house that exploded last week are putting their lives back together. But it’s not easy.

The remains of the house that exploded have been torn down and removed, leaving a hole where it once stood.

Next door, a carport that was destroyed in the explosion has been removed, but the SUV that was below it remains. It’s not drivable with its dented frame and smashed windshield.

hydepark2 Hyde Park Residents Piecing Lives Back Together

The carport that once stood next to this house is gone, but the SUV remains. (credit: Bernice Corpuz/CBS)

The woman who lives in the house has not been staying there, and is not allowed back in until inspectors deem it safe. She told WBZ News Radio’s Bernice Corpuz that before they can even go in there they need to put up a support wall because they’re worried the wall next to where the house exploded may cave in.

Other houses in the neighborhood have been deemed structurally sound, but still need cosmetic work.

The explosion happened when contractors with DeFelice Corporation who were doing work for Boston Water and Sewer hit a gas line.

hydepark3 Hyde Park Residents Piecing Lives Back Together

Windows are boarded up a week after a house exploded in Hyde Park. (credit: Bernice Corpuz/CBS)


Authorities said when the crew hit the line, they pulled the gas meter away from the home, sending gas inside, sparking the blast.

Whether the correct paperwork was filed and the lines marked properly is still being investigated.


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