Well, well, well, I hear San Francisco is going to be the first in the nation to ban toys in Happy Meals……if that alleged happy meal has a certain number of calories.   Raise your hand if you’re surprised!   I thought so….not a single hand from where I’m sitting and isn’t it just perfect, from the loony left coast, San Francisco in particular which already is on overload with “happy” people and they’re going to prohibit food chains from marketing their products.    The next thing you know, they’ll take the “prize” out of the box of Cracker Jacks.    Or did they do that already?

     Briefly on a related subject, some states are considering a demand that cigarette manufacturers put much more graphic health warnings on the side of a pack of cigarettes,  including pictures of cancerous lips and mouths, dried up cancerous lungs and other rotted body organs and yes…..even pictures of dead bodies.    It should be a great debate for talk shows.   There’s already a lot of chatter among smokers and non-smokers and lots more to come I’m sure.    Two thoughts come to mind:  1. It won’t stop anyone from smoking, and 2. Don’t worry about it, it won’t happen anyway.     I have family and friends who smoke.   These are not unintelligent people….but  believe me when I tell you, put a picture of a black lung or some puss-infested lip on the side of the pack and they won’t even see it….anymore than they read the horrific warnings that are already printed there.

     All this talk about graphic pictures is just that……..talk….and it won’t happen.    Double or triple the taxes on cigarettes, quadruple the price of a pack and/or carton.   Make is so prohibitive nobody can afford to smoke.   Better yet…ban cigarettes.    That won’t happen either as long as Congress wants to keep strokin’ the tobacco lobby…but quit with the threats for goodness sakes or we’re going to end up like San Francisco, taking toys away from little kids so they don’t  grow up to look like their chubby Moms.

  1. Snowflake says:

    I agree with you comment, Gary, totally. When is personal responsibility going to be the final factor in decision making? The government continues to attempt to legislate common sense, and in my opinion, is a big waste of time and money. People will continue to do what they want no matter the risks involved.

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