BURBANK, Calif. (CBS) — He grew up in Boston and now is back in the spotlight… again. And for it Conan O’Brien is Playboy’s December Interview.

O’Brien, who was kicked off NBC’s Tonight Show in January, has a new show on TBS that debuts November 8.

Playboy Contributing Editor Rob Tannenbaum interviewed O’Brien for the piece and they talked about O’Brien’s time with NBC, his former co-worker Jay Leno, and what to expect on his new show.

O’Brien told Tannenbaum that although both his and Leno’s studios are in Burbank and NBC isn’t that far away, he doesn’t anticipate bumping into Leno. He also says that unless Leno is on his show as a musical guest he will not be invited to appear.

Tannenbaum also treaded into the realm of drug and alcohol use with O’Brien asking if he imbibes. O’Brien shared a story about how after being on television for a short time he went to a doctor. The doctor asked him if he used drugs and when O’Brien said no, the doctor asked ‘You don’t do cocaine?’ O’Brien went on to explain that the doctor told him he had seen the show and assumed O’Brien used cocaine.

O’Brien says the new show will be different than any show he’s done, and he will over think it.

“At the end of the day, it’s going to be me doing whatever is in my power to entertain people for an hour,” he told Tannenbaum. I’ll break any rule. I’ll use dangerous chemicals if I have to. I will meddle with the laws of God.”


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