A Political Shellacking. Good Job America!

A blog by Gary LaPierre

I simply had to wait a couple of days.   After Tuesday’s  historic tsunami came crashing over the Dems specifically, and Washington in general, I honestly needed a couple of days to try and calm down.    Was that a beautiful thing or what!!    Yes, I understand some of my friends in several states (including Massachusetts, Kentucky and Florida) caught up in the euphoria of the “loony left” are still in mourning, but believe me, it’s a new morning out there and we’re all in a better place.   No, not a Republican place as so many of the GOP winners have pointed out, but a better place…….a better place because the community organizer from Chicago who thought he could weave his magic for the entire country, got taken to the woodshed.    His name wasn’t on the ballot anywhere on Tuesday, but his pomposity was, and in his words, he took a “shellacking”, the likes of which he’ll never forget.    And good Lord willing, the effects of that whoopin’ will be carried on for another two years.    So where does a failed Presidential regime go to hide after such a pounding?   The Taj Mahal for a week or two, at a cost to the taxpayers of more than a billion dollars.     Yes, I know this trip was planned a few months ago and it’s not a direct result of the election-day “shellacking.”  However, they knew a few months ago what was going to happen on Tuesday of this week and what a perfect time to get out of town for a while.

This election was the most historic in our lifetime, but it’s long way from being our salvation.  Clearly the Republicans don’t have all the answers….if any of them, but the point made loud and clear to the Democrats and the Washington insiders is…”we don’t like what you’ve been doing and things have gotta change.”      One of the few huge exceptions to that however is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Massachusetts voters….I have to ask……”what could you be thinking?”   Didn’t you get the message from 49 other states that things were going terribly wrong in our nations capital and some drastic measures were necessary?   Barney Frank?  OMG!

I’ m sorry Harry Reid will go back to Washington, but in the overall scheme of things, it’s a very special blessing (or will be) when I witness Nancy Pelosi handing over that Speakers gavel.   That is going to be a special time for all of America.   It’s (please God) the end of one of the worst and dumbest Speakerships in the history of Congress.

Headline in today’s paper:  ‘OBAMA MAY YIELD TO GOP.”     May?   Did you say “he may yield?”    May?    Welcome Barack to the “change” a lot of misguided voters thought you were going to provide.   How’s that change thing  workin’ our for ya?”    MAY?


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