By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Congratulations to all of last night’s winners.

Condolences to the losers.

You know who you are on both counts. Everyone does. But do you know who the HIDDEN winners and losers of election night were?

Here are a few of my nominees: first, some winners.

Let’s start with organized labor, Bobby Haynes and the gang at the AFL-CIO. They looked foolish last winter after they turned their backs on Steve Lynch and backed Martha Coakley in the US Senate race, only to see a majority of their own rank-and-file bolt for Scott Brown.

But they swallowed their distaste for Gov. Patrick and rallied behind him, proving that they can still deliver votes when they need to. Speaking of Congressman Lynch, he not only won re-election easily, but is a hidden winner because last night yielded several possible competitors for him in a possible 2012 Democratic primary to take on Brown for the Senate seat, including unopposed Cong. Mike Capuano and either Lt. Gov Tim Murray or Gov. Patrick himself, and Lynch needs a crowded primary to have the best chance of winning. Is that complicated enough for you?

Another winner: Deval Patrick, not just for his sweeping re-election win, but for his classy, gracious acceptance speech. Barney Frank, take note, THAT’s how it’s done.

And finally, vicious negative attack ads were a winner, working wonders for Bill Keating and John Tierney.

How about losers?

There were plenty, mostly with the letter R after their name, but hidden losers included conservative talk radio, which openly touted losers across the board, Curt Schilling, whose endorsement is now proven worthless, and Mitt Romney, who is finding that you actually cannot go home again.

There are many more, but I’m out of time. Add your suggestions to my list below, and we might use them on TV later on.

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Comments (49)
  1. L Murray says:

    Only a 6% difference there were still a lot of voters that do not like the way this election went. I find it arrogant of the democrat attitude why they think they won. Esp Barry Franks attidute! Cahil took away votes from Baker.You got all those votes that are union driven – and voters that want to keep their state benefits. We need as a state to stop spending and reduce and get on a budget!

  2. Steve Stein says:

    Nationally, the Democrats lost a lot, and they stand to lose even more – Republicans will overwhelmingly control the re-districting that will occur as a result of the 2010 census.

    Locally, we will lose a Congressional seat, but conveniently just in time for someone to run against Brown in 2012.

  3. Steve Stein says:

    Also nationally, the Tea Party cost the Republicans the Senate by nominating Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell and Ken Buck in races where a non-Tea Party Republican could have won pretty easily.

  4. Steve Stein says:

    Hidden winner – pollsters? It looks like they were reasonably accurate. Cahill DID get 8%, Jon’s big toe notwithstanding. :-)

  5. Pete says:

    John, there are too many hidden losers to list here. Call me a sore loser if you must but I can’t understand the voters in this State. Sending Barney Frank to Washington again after he played such a huge role in the current housing disaster blows my mind. Telling the State government that they don’t have to cut costs but rather they can continue to just look at raising revenue instead. I hope the voters like that extra tax on their breakfast this morning,

    1. FireGuyFrank says:

      Pete, it’s why Massachusetts is dropping to a lower tier state; no longer attractive to business. Don’t feel too badly — did you see what California voters did to themselves yesterday?

  6. FireGuyFrank says:

    Hidden losers — Massachusetts residents who voted to keep a high sales tax. This will encourage more people to cross into New Hampshire to buy taxable items. Recall that the SJC ruled that buying tires in NH for a car registered in MA does NOT require the NH merchant to collect and remit MA Sales/Use tax.

  7. Michael says:

    I am just baffled that a Govenor that has done nothing but raise taxes, spent money redecorating his office, hired his friends when hiring freeze. Just baffles me!!

    1. Mark D. Girouard says:

      That baffles you, but eight (8) years Of George W. Bush doesn’t?

  8. Emmit066 says:

    Don’t blame me for re-electing Patrick, I sure didn’t vote for him! Yet another election where my vote didn’t matter, at least I did vote so I have a right to complain about the results.

  9. JJT says:

    I hope everyone that voted for Barney Frank realizes that the entire country is laughing at you.

    At least he will lose his seat as chairman of the finance committee and be relegated to be just being another turd in the punch bowl…

  10. Jon Keller says:

    Prior to last January 19, I had come to believe that the election-year coalition of liberals, highly-partisan Democrats, and public-employee union members and their extended family and social circles had a ruling majority here. Scott Brown burst that bubble. It appears to have now re-formed.

  11. Jon Keller says:

    Steve…yes, I tweeted last night my kudos to Dave Paleologos of the Suffolk poll, who called the outcome right on the nose.

  12. Steve Stein says:

    I think Obama’s visit here last month really energized the Democratic GOTV effort. I would be curious how many people signed up to help as a direct result of the rally at the Hynes.

  13. wmasscowgirl says:

    Once again, I am disappointed with the people of Mass. They had an opportunity to start to change this state, and once more voted in the same old same old.

  14. FortunateInMass says:

    I’m surprised Baker did that well. Still too many limited intelligent people in this state. We are in this mess because of Bush and the R’s and the Gov. has done a decent job considering everything. Like all R’s, blaming Barney Frank for the financial mess is pointless. The R’s were in control of Congress and as always, cowtow to large companies and allowed them to run amuck. The country may sink lower but at least we may survive.

  15. William T. Freer says:

    Mark, totally agree. What party was in power that drove this country and state into a recession? Michael and other like him are not really baffled – they are blind to the truth. Again all I ask anyone who supports the Republican party is this – who was the President when our economy went south – just answer me that!

    1. tim says:

      what the hell has obama done to help oh wait nothing!!!!!!!

      1. Wm T says:

        Tim, sorry to hear that you lack the capacity to know what was done and wasn’t done.

  16. Steve Stein says:

    More losers – Blue Dog Democrats. Apparently voters decided they wanted real Republicans instead of pseudo-Republicans.

  17. Annie Gardner says:

    The many people who encouraged and assisted others to get out to vote are, in my mind, big winners.

  18. hydro99 says:

    The people of MA are the biggest losers here. Deval should have been kicked out for all the lies he’s told and the taxes he’s raised, but apparently that doesn’t bother people. Many elitist pols that think that they are above the law or ignore the law were re-elected. People paid more attention to the negative ads than the facts of the matter. sad sad day.

  19. Diane says:

    As far as I’m concerned Baker won! Cahill and Stein took all those votes away from him. The people voting for Patrick were either state employees or welfare recipients and lets not forget the unions. This state fell for all the scare tactics, it’s really sad.

    1. Wm T says:

      Diane, what are you smoking? Cahill was (is) a Democrat and Stein a liberal from the Green Party, they didn’t take votes away from Baker they most likely cost Patrick some votes. I am not a state employee, I am not on welfare, nor do I belong to a union – so you’re wrong again because I voted for Patrick. Also calling the kettle black – Baker ran the most negative ads period – talk about scare tactics. So please Diane tell me what your smoking because I wish I had some of that when Bush was President or when we (Massachusetts) had our revolving door of Republican Governors who got elected and then either abandoned or left their office for greener pastures. Please tell me, please?

    2. Steve Stein says:

      According to the last Suffolk poll (which nailed the final results), the second choice of Cahill voters was split 44%/42% between Patrick and Baker.

    3. KathyD says:

      WOW, Diane, I’m none of those stereotypes yet I voted for Deval. Can we start a new category of voters?

  20. Fred says:

    Unfortunately, another very sad day to be a resident of Massachusetts. People have now elected (and re-elected) someone to be our Governor who promised to cut property taxes (something he is powerless to do) and who, instead, raised our taxes at least 6 times? Apparently, those who voted for Deval Patrick believe that he knows better how to spend their hard-earned money than they do…unbelievable!

    1. Wm T says:

      Fred… “Apparently, those who voted for Deval Patrick believe that he knows better how to spend their hard-earned money than they do…unbelievable!” Yes he does Fred.

      1. FireGuyFrank says:

        And, Wm T, on what would you have Gov. Patrick and the Beacon Hill Gang spend OUR hard earned money? Cutting taxes in a recession to encourage spending, and raising taxes in a boom to pay down debt is the way it ought to be. Biogen just announced nearly 5,000 people are losing their job just a few minutes before I posted this. That won’t be the last, I’m afraid.

  21. StanleyRamon says:

    All I’ve heard and read, since Scott Brown’s election, from talk radio, editorials, blogs, campaign adds, tea partiers and their like, is that Dems are at fault for the recession and job losses. The hidden winner is the intelligent silent majority of Mass. who didn’t buy into the hype that the rest of the country has fallen for.

    BTW Jon, I hope CBS works out the bugs on your new pages here. Not liking the auto page refresher that steals your comment before you post it. Also the Facebook connection didn’t work for me.

    1. Jon Keller says:

      StanleyRamon…you are not the only complainant. I’m told we are working on it. Please hang in and know that your contributions are valued.

  22. mikerice says:

    Monetarily speaking, the media was a huge winner in this election. As a member of the middle class I don’t see much coming my way except for higher health insurance premiums and taxes. Oh, but the good news is that in the future I won’t be double taxed on a six-pack. WOW.

  23. taxedout says:

    650 jobs going bye bye at Bio-Jen.Maybe the gov will have a bette plan in the next 4 years to attract business here. Me, I’ll still buy my booze in NH, and everything else that is taxed here when I go up. The rest of you can cover the money you’ll Lose on me!!!!

  24. Diane says:

    WmT If you look at the very first comment you’ll see I’m not alone on these thoughts. As for what i’m smoking, I don’t smoke anything but I think you do! Chill out.

    1. FireGuyFrank says:

      Well, whatever anybody is smoking, it’s still not legal in California.

  25. beaches says:

    WmT get out of dream boat heaven. Patrick doesn’t have a clue as to what the little people need. Apparently you are not one of them.

  26. Pete says:

    I see that the liberals on this thread are still busy rewiting history. When was the last time we had a 5% unemployment rate? Under which President? Which party held the majority from 2006 on????

    1. Steve Stein says:

      Sorry, Pete, it was Bush who was in control during the economic nosedive in 2008. After all, “”While our new majority will serve as your voice in the people’s House, we must remember it’s the president who sets the agenda for our government.” (John Boehner)

    1. Steve Stein says:

      I’d like to buy a vowel, please?

  27. mikey says:

    To Steve : [u]. Anything else?

    1. Steve Stein says:

      I’d like to solve the puzzle but this is a family website! :-)

  28. Nab71 says:

    Note To Nancy, Harry, and Barack
    Other than in Massachusetts, it looks like the unpatriotic racist enemies known as Americans to most outside the Democratic party did well yesterday

  29. mikey says:

    I know Steve. Jon’s picture up top is enough to keep me in line. Anyway, I wish Gov. Patrick well in his efforts to move this state forward.

    1. Steve Stein says:

      Well spoken, and tough for you I guess. I hope Patrick takes his own advice and implements some of Baker’s cost-cutting ideas. And I still hold out hopes of the Governor trying to deal with the pension morass that threatens to swallow our state budget (along with a lot of other states). If he can make headway on that problem, he will have earned a lot of people’s respect here.

  30. Jon Keller says:

    Thanks to all commenters here for keeping it civil and thoughtful. Wish we could one day get the leadership we deserve at state and national level and in both parties.

  31. taxedout says:

    the winners…the corrupt Pol’s, the losers, You and Me!!!

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