By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — Governor Deval Patrick says his second term will be as ambitious as the first. The Governor says his priorities are creating more jobs, cutting health care costs, continuing pension reform, and overhauling the probation and parole system.

He says he liked several of the ideas of his former opponent, Charlie Baker, including a plan to streamline social services.

The Governor returned to his office at 10 a.m. Wednesday, and was greeting by cheering staff.

WBZ-TV asked, “What was the first thing that went thru your mind when you woke up this morning?” And the Governor responded, “I don’t remember going to bed last night. I’m not sure.”

The Governor says voters sent a clear message Tuesday night. He said, “I think the message of this election is an optimistic campaign with a plan to back it up is a winning campaign, and a winning political strategy.”

He also hopes this election will be an inspiration to others.

“Never under estimate the power of the grassroots, never estimate the power of going to where people are in every sense of the term, where they live where they are economically, where they are in their own heads and extending to them the courtesy of asking to them to participate. And that’s why I think we have the outcome we have.”

When asked about his plan to close the budget gap, the Governor said, “It’s growth. Mainly the fact we have a strategy for growth that is delivering results for jobs means it is delivering greater revenue.”

He added, “We’re going to have some tough decision in the coming budget, I’m sure about that, but I don’t think they’ll be as tough as were painted in the course of the campaign.”

The Governor believes he will be helped in the second term by the relationships he has developed.

“I can be flexible or stubborn depending on the issue, and I think it’s good for them to know that about me and it’s good for me to know the people I’m dealing with, who delivers, and who doesn’t.”

The Governor says he will serve out the full four years, and that it will be his final term.

Comments (3)
  1. Dave65 says:

    If he cuts government and doesn’t enlist new taxes, I might believe his lies. He said what the people wanted to hear. So is his wife’s assistent getting a pay raise while SS hasn’t gotten a raise in two years. Only the entitled welfare programs and immigrant programs get rises.

  2. Petetm says:

    Gov. Patrick Vows To Be Ambitious In 2nd Term. I guess you’re all rested up from that 4 year vacation you just had.

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