BOSTON(CBS) — Kiki the gorilla is a mother again. The western lowland gorilla gave birth to her third baby at Franklin Park Zoo Wednesday morning.

“The baby looks good. It was reaching its arms out, moving its legs and it gave out a good cry. All of these are very good signs and we will continue to closely monitor Kiki and the baby,” said Jeannine Jackle, Assistant Curator of the Tropical Forest at Franklin Park Zoo. “We plan to keep the routine as normal as possible for all of the gorillas. Kiki appeared very calm and relaxed and was doing everything a gorilla mother should.”

The baby’s gender is not yet known, and was born at about 8:25 a.m.

Kiki and her mate Kitombe already have two daughters, Kira and Kimani.

A gorilla’s typical gestation period is eight and a half months. Kiki’s pregnancy was confirmed earlier this year with the same type of over-the-counter pregnancy test humans use.

The baby is expected to make its debut in the exhibit soon.

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  1. Ilya says:

    Wonderful! Continue to inform.

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