TAUNTON (CBS) – Election officials spent part of Tuesday sorting out a ballot mix-up that affected several voters in Taunton.

Secretary of State spokesman Brian McNiff told WBZ-TV that some boxes of ballots shipped to Taunton contained ballots meant for Marlboro voters. The issue was caught early in the day, and sorted out after only four of the wrong ballots were cast.

The problem was originally discovered last month, and should have been sorted out before Election Day. McNiff said that the printing company accidentally swapped some of the Taunton and Marlboro ballots, shipping wrong ballots to both communities.

650 incorrect ballots were discovered in Marlboro two weeks ago.

Taunton election officials were also made aware of the error, McNiff said, but apparently never opened the sealed boxes, because the outside was marked Taunton.

The four ballots cast in error were still tallied for statewide races. Votes cast for local races outside of Taunton’s district were not counted.


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