MARLBORO (CBS) – Evergreen Solar is transitioning its solar panel assembly operation from Massachusetts to China. 

As first reported on WBZ News Radio earlier this year, Evergreen has won a round of new financing from the Chinese government to expand its operations in Wulhan, China.

In an interview with WBZ News Radio’s Anthony Silva, Evergreen President and CEO Michael El-Hillow says the availability of financing was key to the decision to move much of its manufacturing to China to remain competitive.

The decision means the elimination of some jobs at Evergreen’s manufacturing facility at Devens, Massachusetts, where the company employs more than 900 people. 

Evergreen Solar received more than $40 million in state financing in 2007.

 WBZ News Radio’s Anthony Silva speaks with Evergreen Solar CEO Micheal El-Hillow.

Comments (12)
  1. GQ says:

    this is crazy! We need these jobs here !

    1. SJC says:

      They would if they could raise the money to automate, if not it is low wages.

  2. crm65 says:

    No amount of tax incentives will offset a Chinese worker who makes $1.00-$2.00/hr with benefits.

    Will we ever have pride in being “American Made” again?

  3. Ralph Longton says:

    Take heed folks, you can thank the brain trust up on Beacon hill for this.
    Vote them out

  4. anonumous says:

    this is so sad. American needs to wake up now before it is too late.

  5. PapaBarry says:

    This is typical. They get $40 million 3 years ago and now move on when that well is dried up.
    The main reason I am against ANY tax breaks/incentives for business’. They are going to go where ever they can get the best break at the moment then when it’s done they move to the next break. They are looking for 100% public financing to fatten their pocketbooks and nothing more

  6. Ellen says:

    Must be all that cheap child labor they have there in China, but what the heck, they have been doing this for years now.

  7. geebee says:

    I wonder which National Massachusetts US Senator supports outsourcing?

  8. Jay says:

    If we can correct for the Chinese currency valuation with tariffs or whatever financial tools we have, we might keep our workforce. It doesn’t matter what the goods are but it really pains me to see the green tech products leaving. China will have Buicks for their billion citizens but they will choke to death on the smog.

  9. Keith Cronin says:

    This is why the manufacturing sector in our country is done. Cheap labor, lax environmental laws and factories in China that rival what we have.
    We’ve been doing this for 30 years, so why are we surprised when we started with toys and clothes?
    Being more productive is part of the solution, but this falls mostly under the auspice of service based companies and less on product based companies like Evergreen.
    We also learned today that Solyndra snipped its first factory after receiving $500 million in subsidies from the government.

    Keith Cronin

  10. zzoar says:

    Another deal between Obama and China. If you think this is bad just wait for another year of Obama regulatory takeovers.

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