Keller @ Large: What The Election Will Tell Us

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Thankfully, it’s almost over. Tuesday we find out…

* If organized labor, big-city mayors, the Democratic State Committee, and the rest of The Machine’s components still have what it takes and weren’t just caught napping last January;

* If the Baker campaign tore themselves away from planning Paul Loscocco’s game-changing endorsement event long enough to coordinate a decent GOTV operation;

* If the local tea parties are for real;

* If Beacon Hill has anything to be worried about;

* If Deval Patrick’s charm offensive worked;

* If voters have “had enough” of Charlie Baker;

* If the same voters who gave a Senate seat to Scott Brown are unwilling to give other Republicans a single House seat;

* If elderly voters are that easy to scare about Social Security;

* If harshly-negative ads work, or backfire;

* If Massachusetts is surrounded by a 60-foot high wall that keeps the national wave at bay;

* If there is a national wave, or

* If polls are now officially useless.

What’d I miss? Your turn.

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  • fred

    If voters will fall for the idea that the world will end if they vote yes on any of the ballot questions.

  • bdelraso



  • matm

    you call that charm? I call it self serving pomp.

  • ladyfnx

    If the OTHER candidate wins, how soon will the APOCOLYPSE follow?

  • Ellen

    I wouldn’t vote for Baker for all the tea in China. He’s an over bloated nasty, and mean spirited kind of guy that this state doesn’t need. I may have my questions about Deval Patrick, but sooner the devil you know then the devil you don’t know.

  • Steve

    I predict whatever the results, people will see what they want to see.

  • joe

    If voters fell for ” CAPE WIND ” – the myth financed by taxpayers and electric customers.

  • taxedout

    Amazing how these Po’s can Call you 50 times the week before election, for Your support, but can’t find the Time or your number the other 4 years!!!

  • Steve

    Two things I want to know –

    – How Prop 19 in CA does. Polls conducted by actual people had it losing narrowly. Robo-polls had it winning.

    – Whether Prop 19 turns out the youth vote in higher numbers (so to speak) than in other states

    – I poll results are always accurate IF you get the demographics of the vote correct. Who voted? How well did the pollsters do at answering that question?

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