BOSTON (AP) — Voters in Massachusetts’ 4th Congressional District have re-elected U.S. Rep. Barney Frank to a 16th term, rejecting a GOP challenge from political newcomer Sean Bielat.

Frank had emerged as one of Capitol Hill’s most powerful Democrats while shepherding both the Wall Street overhaul bill and one of the nation’s most sweeping financial regulatory bills through the House.

Rep. Barney Frank talks about the shift of control in the House

That role helped make the 70-year-old Frank a lightning rod for conservatives who poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into Bielat’s upstart campaign.

Bielat, a 35-year-old businessman and former U.S. Marine, had been given little chance of unseating Frank, who did not have a GOP opponent in the last three election cycles.

Frank had rarely been challenged seriously during his years in Congress.

Comments (15)
  1. Ellen says:

    I was hoping Sean Bielat would win. He gave it his all, still young, so don’t give up Sean. Maybe next time.

  2. Ellen says:

    Hearing now Barney Frank’s so called victory speech. The man has no class what so ever. Complaining about Bielat and the Republicans. Why not just say Thank you very much and get on with it. Glad he’s not in my district.

    1. Michael says:

      Where are you hearing it? Jack Williams: “Let’s talk over this”. Who the hell tuned in to listen to your opinions???

  3. Bill says:

    The voters in the 4th will regret this,but they desrve what they get. No complaining in the future.

  4. cody maverick says:

    How in the hell did you people allow this IDIOT who was one of the chief architects of the housing collapse to return to Washington???????????????

  5. Trev says:

    Barneys “big win” just shows the type of lefty nuts that inhabit the fourth district. This moron was the chairman of the house finance committee, the member of congress most responsible for Fannie and Freddie and worst of all, he still doesn’t acknowledge his role in the economic collapse. Atleast he won’t be the chairman of anything thanks to the republican take over.

  6. Patrick says:

    Sad to see Don Jordan not defeating Barney Frank, Don is a good person who has all my respect. He had alot of good ideas to help the Commonwealth.

  7. meltemi says:

    his reelection is a national embarrassment. what’s wrong with the voters of the fourth??

    1. gerry says:

      How a degenerated and depraved individual such as this can only be put into power by people of the same mindset. May GOD have mercy on their souls.

  8. alleydweller says:

    That definitely will go down in history as one of the most ungracious victory speeches.

  9. john_hudsonma says:

    Obnoxious and classless in life and in his concession speech, we sometimes get what we deserve in Mass. But look around at the other states, the tide is shifting.

    1. Andy says:

      I agree with john_hudsonma except that was a victory speech. Can you imagine how much more pathetic it would have been if it was a concession speech? He talks about the Republicans but I see very little class from Barney. He is oblivious to the harm he caused chairing the Finance Services committee. At least he has lost the chair of that committee.

  10. Tyrone says:

    What’s really amazing is how well Tierney, with the help of the Boston Media, kept his wife’s pleading guilty to money laundering for her mob brother of $8M through the Tierney’s joint bank accounts. If Tierney is really that oblivious to what happens to his own bank accounts, would YOU want him in Congress? And if he was not oblivious, then he’s part of the criminal activity. But the Obama Administrations DoJ cut a plea agreement with the Tierney’s a month before the election to sweep the whole thing under the rug. And it worked.

  11. joyce says:

    are the people from mass that stupid when it comes to politics?
    barney helped put our country in the shape its in. he was getting paid to let
    all of this financial disaster go on.
    he should be fired along with pelosi or impeached.
    im sure he bought his way and paid for votes by stupoid peoplel

  12. Maggie says:

    His sexual orientation must have been the loyalty vote. There is abolutely no other reasoning for voting for this brash, classless, liying and arrogant person.

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