BOSTON (AP) – The Massachusetts Department of Revenue has announced positive news about state revenues on the eve of the elections.

The department said Monday that tax collections in October totaled $1.34 billion, up $117 million or 9.5 percent from the year-ago month.

That exceeds the state’s monthly target by $209 million and its year-to-date benchmark by $413 million.

Revenue Commissioner Navjeet Bal says the figures show “a strengthening economy and return to fiscal stability.”

Monday’s announcement came a day before Election Day, but an agency spokesman denies trying to boost Gov. Deval Patrick.

Last month, the state released September figures on Oct. 4. It would have followed that pattern, it would have made this month’s announcement after the election.

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Comments (2)
  1. Nicole says:

    how can this boost him? It shows how well he does taking from people’s wallets!

  2. jmr2 says:

    It shows Patrick was right about the economy picking up. That pessimist, doom and gloom Baker will kill any good news in an instant. He doesn’t want the truth, because he would have to admit he was wrong.

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