BOSTON (CBS) — With just four days until the election, candidates and their campaigns aren’t letting up. Jon Keller talks about why democrats are allowing talk radio to be a one-party affair.

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  1. JudgeAmyGray says:

    As a liberal I have to say you’re missing the point on this story. I used to listen to talk radio for years, but now the only talk radio i listen to is 1510.

    There was a time when radio hosts had a good discussion on the issues. Now they slam liberals for being liberals. So now I either listen to 1510, switch to oldies music or get my news from tv/newspapers/blogs.

    I don’t have to listen to hosts slam me for being liberal..

    And too many stations now practice that method.

  2. Janet Zade says:

    So many talk hosts are overbearing and actually bully types. They do not listen to various points of view and do at times overlook truths in favor of ideology. For example, last night I heard a labored support of Jeff Perry’s past by the host on Dan Rea’s show that was painful to listen to! He doubted the connection of Perry to the teen abuse stories and completely left out the Columbia State and law application items! So I click off and wait for Steve Laveille.

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