BOSTON (CBS) — The head of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Union is defending the use of force to subdue a suspect last week.

“I realize it’s not pleasant to see,” says Tom Nee. “But the officers used the training that they’d been taught. When a suspect won’t cooperate blows to the soft part of the thigh is an accepted submission tactic.”

It was last Friday when police spotted a 16-year-old with a warrant for his arrest.

They say he resisted, and struck one police officer. Then it took nearly seven others to get handcuffs on him.

The whole incident was caught on video by a student at Roxbury Community College. It clearly shows one officer punching the suspect, then kneeing him, as several others struggle to keep him down.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis talks with WBZ News Radio about the incident.

The Suffolk County District Attorney has now appointed a special prosecutor to investigate.

Thursday, City Council President Michael Ross said, “I think the video is disturbing, but I’m confident the Police Commissioner will conduct a fair investigation.”

Comments (5)
  1. Sly says:

    Difficult to justify this , especially after Nuremburg.

  2. Cynic says:

    It’s hard to believe the same Commissioner that sent an innocent man to prison and then said “SO WHAT?” Could care if someone is beaten up.

  3. Law & Order says:

    All this beat down for a warrant and a punch?
    This makes the law abiding community despise the police force very quickly.
    How often do off-duty cops get a walk if THEY throw a punch. Recent headlines confirm the cases cited. This officer should be removed since the subject was clearly detained by all the others. This is an American college.
    Get this guy OFF the PD.

  4. lordandmaster says:

    Once again,the police acting like animals,(the kid’s down already or are you cops collectively that stupid .I see the idiot Thomas Nee has some stupid things to say in favor of the police.Hey Nee,maybe you should have spent a little more time to speak to your kid about how it’s NOT a good idea to plan on killing students(columbine style) at a Marshfield school.If anyone needed a beatdown of epic proportions,it was your terrorist son.The worst part is your family believes he was set up.Actually,the worst part is ,your kid only did a few months in jail and is now free.Funny how the worst elements of humanity are related to the government body.

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