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As much as we’d love to be, we can’t possibly be everywhere at the same time to catch the conditions in each neighborhood. That’s where WBZ Weather Watchers come in. Step outside or take a peek at the thermometer and send us your info. We’ll use some of your reports each day on TV.

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  • Teresa Lee

    why aren’t you saying much if not anything at all about Marlborough weather? It’s SNOWING like Hell here right now you know? Let us know what’s up for us and other residents? Sure they’d like to hear about our City? Thanks a lot everyone! I LOVE YOU ALL! Been watching WBZ and listening, since I was 8 year’s old! GREAT Job!!

    • Patricia

      I agree! Hudson,Worcester,Northborough even gets mentioned.Forecasters even STAND right in front of the town,s name on the weather map!!! Like you I have been listening to WBZ since childhood

  • jack

    Your watcher in Atkinson, NH said he got 14″. NO WAY! I live in NW Haverhill, 1/3 mile from Atkinson and I got 7″ tops. I drove through Atkinson today and there’s no way there is 14″ snow.

    • SnowedIn

      I live in Atkinson by the Hampered border. I measured the snow myself and we most definitely got 19 inches here!

    • Ryan Breton

      Hi Jack, I am the weather watcher that recorded 14″ of snow – and we certainly did receive 14″ of snow out of the post-Christmas storm. Perhaps due to the blowing and drifting it appeared less to you. I took over 20 measurements and averaged them to come up with that number. Other reports around the area (Salem 12.5, West Hampstead 14.3″) also agree with my number from that storm.

  • matthew

    im in oxford mass and the snow is really heavy already cant see anything about two and a half inches already

  • mike

    IN springfield MA we have 14 inches on the ground with heavy snow and winds still

  • Happy Snow

    Framingham has 10 inches so far.

  • Bobby

    About 10.5 inches in Tewksbury, MA

  • Mike G

    13in In the Worcester Hills so far… light fluffy snow

  • Cathy Hartigan

    Cathy H. Peabody, MA 8″ as of 8 am Heavy wet snow.

  • Bryan

    Between 10-12 inches of snow in N Chelmsford, as of 8:45am

  • Steve C

    8:10 to 9:10 Am… 6.3 degree temp drop in Northeast Bellingham. Changed from heavy “plaster” snow to a powder

  • Deanna C

    We live in Saugus and seem to have as much snow as the last storm. It is heavy and wet, so it is sticking to everything. Large branches are down in 3 areas of our yard. Still snowing and blowing now. No sign up letting up anytime soon. Any idea how much is reported and expected for Saugus?

  • ellie george

    great coverage of the storm BUT how about 5 minutes of national news each hour – a big news time – we did not get a paper due to storm – I switched over to CNN – forgot to go back to Channel 4 – just a few moments please for national news- Ellie in Acton

  • Cheryl

    About 20-24 inches in Templeton ma.

  • Michelle

    We have 24″in Billerica, not 17.5 as you keep reporting. It was to the top of the snowblower in our driveway (to my husband’s sternum at the end of the driveway). My husband is getting very annoyed everytime he sees 17.5″!!

  • mike

    The storm total for Wilbraham,MA was 25.5 inches

  • Paula W Zim

    I’d like to know how to submit a picture? I have a very cool sunset picture that I think all would find interesting. Any advice would be helpful.

  • Steve C

    6:50 about .75 of snow so far in NE corner of Bellingham, current temp only 15 degrees with DP of 3.9. Very dry snow that crunches under your feet.

  • Steve C

    9:00 just over 2 inches in the NE corner of Bellingham and temp at 15.4 degrees with a DP of 5.3

  • Steve C

    11:00 Still snowing in NE Bellingham, about 3.25 inches new today. 18 degrees with a DP of 8.4. Maybe a bit of sleet mixed in…….. bit of noise from crystals hitting the jacket. Did not hear that earlier.

  • Steve C

    1 PM Raining in NE Bellingham with 22 degrees………probably going to lead to a rather “high gloss” to the landscape in short order.

  • Paul Halacy

    15 inches out here in Northbridge. Still snowing quite hard. at 5:30.

  • dogmom2

    I’ve got 10″ of snow here in Spencer.

  • Catherine

    We live in Chilmark, on M.V. and we only got a half inch of snow. We had a horrendous rain and wind storm in the middle of the night. No power outages though.

  • Claudia

    11 1/2 inches total in Holland, MA. White out conditions overnight. Heavy wet cold snow. I see blue sky beyond the patches of clouds now. Yay!

  • Andy

    South Grafton, MA has 15+ inches of snow from last night’s storm

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