Gary LaPierre Full disclosure…….I’m not a huge fan of Juan Williams, though I do respect him.   I’m sure he was perfect as a NPR journalist and he did seem a bit like a fish out of water at the Foxx Network.   But if nothing else, he was a gentleman at all times, obviously an intelligent guy, a decent debater and analyst and clearly deserving of far better treatment than he got from National Progressive Radio.

     Ten years of service and fired.    Fired because he said he got a little nervous on a plane when he sees passengers clearly trying to demonstrate (dress) that they are Muslim.   I heard a couple of Williams defenders saying “a lot of people feel that way.”     I’ll take it one step further, “most people feel that way” …and if you deny it, you’re not being totally honest with yourself…or others.

    However, the most grevious sin or all was perpetrated by that knucklehead woman who is the CEO at NPR.  She proved her incompetence by every word she spoke about canning Juan Williams, but the most outrageous of them all…..was her quote “whatever feelings Williams has about Muslims should be between him and his psychiatrist or his publicist……take your pick.”

     Vivian Schiller…..CEO…… are an embarrassment to Juan, to me, to NPR, to all of radio and to America…. and if you’re not fired yourself  for your disgusting statements and actions, I will be totally amazed.

     I’m never sent a dime to NPR and never would under any circumstances.  Let ’em fight for their nickles and dimes like every other radio network in the country and yes, I would wholeheartedly support a move in Congress to cut off all public funding for them.  Afterall, they’ve got billionaire lefty loonies such as George Soros buying their allegiances with million dollar donations, so I think the rest of us can relax.


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