Gary LaPierreGoodness knows we all need something to feel good about once in a while.    Put our sometimes putrid politics aside for a moment and appreciate the beauty of a GIANT  hug!    That’s what we’ve been seeing for close to twenty-four hours now… from Chile.

     It was and is, as someone aptly dubbed it, the consummate reality TV.   33 Miners, trapped more than a mile beneath the earths surface for more than two months and they were given a virtual zero chance of coming out alive.     But it happened.   One at a time, approximately forty-five minutes apart, the men were transported from a seemingly sure grave, to the bright sunshine in Cociapo, Chile.    Nothing like this has been accomplished at any time, any place in the world…..ever……but the smiles, the tears of joy and the incredible giant hugs were happening every 45 minutes until 33 men were resurrected from Hell on (in) earth.    For sure, their issues and demons will be raising ugly heads for weeks, months and years to come, but we all witnessed something, we may never witness again.   Actually miner number 21 had an immediate issue with which to contend; his wife refused to be there to witness his rescue, but his mistress of 16-years, which his wife found out about when he was buried alive, was there to give him a hug. chile mine2 If You Needed Something To Feel Good About......... She made a couple of noises like she was trying to cry while she hugged the cheater, but somehow she couldn’t rustle up any tears for the occasion and I’m sure that miner, who also cheated death, was glad to have the medics wheel him away.

     All in all……it was a beautiful day for the world to see in Cociapo, Chile.   As for miner #21, the Mrs. will want to have a little talk  you a little later I’m sure.


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