Andrew Stack's parachute can be seen tangled in these trees. (WBZ-TV)

The skydiver who crash landed in a tree in Dunstable Monday says he’ll jump again as soon as he can.

35-year-old Andrew Stack is still being treated at Lowell General Hospital for numbness in his leg.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, he blamed the embarrassing incident on an altimeter problem.

Stack said he jumped out of a plane at 14,000 feet Monday and planned to open his chute at 4,000 feet.

But, looking at the ground as he fell, he noticed that he was well past 4,000 feet, despite the fact his altimeter said otherwise.

So, he said, he deployed his parachute and the reserve chute also opened up, something that it’s programmed to do at lower altitudes.

Because the chutes were so close together, Stack had no steering control and landed in a tree, 75 feet above the ground.

It took rescuers more than two hours to free him. He was taken to the hospital because his harness has restricted his blood flow, causing numbness in his leg.

Stack said he can feel his toes, but he just can’t put any weight on them yet.

Having jumped 30 times already, he said Tuesday he will jump again once he has healed.

Dunstable police say they’re considering whether to make Stack pay for the rescue, especially since a special team was brought in to get him down.

Stack said he hopes he won’t have to pay because he’s already facing a large hospital bill.


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