marcos colono Cambridge man held on $1 million bail in violent home invasion

A Cambridge man has been held on one million dollars bail on charges he stabbed a Harvard researcher several times and then raped his 11 year old son during a home invasion in August 2010.

Prosecutors say 32 year old Marcos Colono entered the Pearl Street home with a butcher knife, stabbed the man several times and then raped the boy.

Colono, who pleaded not guilty Thursday in Cambridge District Court, has been linked to a case  two years ago in Boston in which two female college students were raped. Suffolk County District Attorney, Daniel Conely, and Middlesex County District Attorney, Gerald Leone, briefed reporters Thursday afternoon saying D-N-A evidence from both the Boston and the Cambridge incidents match.  Investigators do not yet have a sample from Colono to make a positive match with the suspect.

Colono’s brother, Michael Colono, was killed in a street fight in 2003 with Harvard graduate student Alexander Pring-Wilson.


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