Audio: Breaking News, Moss Close To Being Traded To The Vikings

yututy Audio: Breaking News, Moss Close To Being Traded To The Vikings

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Jay Glazer of Fox Sports joined D.A. to break the news that Moss is very close to being traded to the Vikings.  Jay thinks that the only hold up is the compensation being sent in return.

  • steve

    It better be for something tangible…and by that I mean an actual person and not draft picks. Everyone knows the Pats never draft as high as they are slotted…this would be insane

  • Chris

    why would we trade are so called number 1 reciever, that demolishes your deep threat and puts full focus on welker… is there someone to replace him that the pats have in mind?

  • Rob McCarthy

    I must say that I am upset with the reaction of the Boston fans.

    Randy Moss is like “nova cane” just give it time and it will work.

    Just because Randy did not catch a ball during the game doesn’t mean he isn’t performing. The long ball wasn’t there last night, the game plan was switched, good teams make adjustments.

    Randy deserves a home and I am one Boston fan that believes Randy should be able to end his career in Boston

    • devin

      I personally think there making way for a younger, dominant wide receiver. (i.e. Vincent Jackson)

  • taylor

    Gah! It’s gonna be great to have Moss back in Minneapolis!

  • Drew

    at this point I DON’T think we should trade Randy Moss. The defense did great last night don’t get me wrong but don’t count on that going forward. We need the offense at it’s best and we are better with him as long as we have a balanced offense; spreading the ball around and committing to the run

  • steve

    i’ve heard this was a trade for a third round pick thats just insane. moss opens up the field by taking on double coverage. I get he has looked bad this season and has a tendency to quit on place but unless where getting someone back from somewhere who could be a deep threat (vincent jackson)

    • steve

      a draft pick would just be insane

  • frank

    If true, this is a disaster in the making. We can chock up the season to 8-8 at best without Moss. Even when he does not catch a pass, he draws two defenders, making it that much easier on Welker, Hernandez, etc., and we have no deep threat without him. Brady may not have that many years left either, so we should find a way to keep them together for 3-4 years.

  • Bob

    If it is for a 3rd rounder, this would be a travesty. If the Pats play out his contract and he leaves at the end of the seaon, the Pats would get a compensation pick anyway!!!!! Not to mention their HORRIBLE track record in the third round. Such luminaries as Crable, McKenzie, Ellis Hobbs, Gus Scott, Dave Thomas, Kaczur, Kevin O’Connell. Given the compensation pick they would get, why deal him for just a 3rd rounder?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Bill

    If the Pats trade Moss they will have no deep threat. Welker can do what he does because of Moss. Unless they get get the Vikings next 1st and 2nd round picks, this is stupid. I hope this is a bogus report but even if it is it’s gonna be a problem. Great. Just what we need going into a bye week.

  • Zorik

    This is stupid. Well, I guess we’ll see if this team is really better without Moss as Felger always like to say. Better be not for some lame draft pick as usual.

  • devin

    hope the get vincent jackson! ;)

  • kelly

    dumbest move the Pats have EVER made. So MAD…. this might come back and bite them in the *ss!

  • Jeff

    I wonder what Tom Brady is thinking right now! Pats better go get Vincent Jackson!

  • BH

    For a third round pick? I want Jared Allen or even Chuck Foreman from the Vikes. It’s obviously a business decision and Randy wasn’t going to get his contract anyway, but they could have kept him around for the remainder of the season to see if he could help us win another title or get somebody like a pass rusher, running back or wide receiver who can help us win now! Let’s see how this plays out, maybe Bill and the staff do have something up their sleeves. For now, GO VIKES, beat the JETS!!!

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